Adventures in Blackmoor (Dungeons & Dragons Module DA1) [Dave L. Arneson, David J. Ritchie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adventures in Blackmoor modscans/ Did you Play or DM this adventure (or both. A page saddlestitched book with loose cover and a foldout map. This is the first Mystara/Blackmoor supplement. Blackmoor has an odd history. It was first a.

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That’s what Zugzul bade the Afridhi call the evil artifact that he had taught them to make. Many were the men who guarded the Hill of the Hammer during the days of making – for their foes in hated Blackmoor would try to unmake that which they had wrought.

There’s just enough to flesh out swaths of the this hybrid Blackmoor. Graeme Davis reviewed Adventures in Blackmoor for White Dwarf 86, calling the adventure “a device to get the Player characters into the world of Blackmoor from wherever they happen to be at the time”.

To south and east, the Great Advenyures of Thonia plots to end Blackmoor’s independence and reclaim its lost province. Monday, 18th May, That’s what old hands call the Great Dismal Swamp. On the other hand, DA4 Duchy of Advenntures still uses locales and characters from the original Blackmoor campaign and is set in the same locale as the first three modules.

Yet, it was not men that would keep the Well of Souls from destruction, but a prophecy – that the artifact would be unmade only by the hand of one as yet unborn! For centuries, this tangled maze of sluggish watercourses, stagnant ponds, and festering marshes has defended Blackmoor’s southwestern frontier.

Arneson and David J. The real adventurs is that the city is so huge, navigating it is so difficult, and the PCs chances of remaining undetected so small, that without some major DM handwaving their not likely to make it far enough to encounter the most interesting stuff.


Originally Posted by diaglo. Other people have been able to write interesting material for those settings. Davis felt that the background provided on Blackmoor was interesting information, but was too little for Dungeon Masters to base further adventures on the setting.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Temple of the Frog has some fun concepts who wouldn’t love a temple full of cultists and killer frogs in the middle of the swamp. However, ra1 suffers from the same problem as many adventure jn, the ‘hook’ of the temple is played out long before you finish exploring it.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, So the Afridhi did as they were bade. Temple of the Frog and City of the Gods are quite a bit better, in adventurez of adventure content. Deep into the Great Dismal Swamp they must go – far from sunlight and sanity – there to seek and save the captive baroness from the foul Monks of the Swamp.

The Duchy of Ten? Blackmoor as a scenario. Only a member of this adventuees may post a comment. Now I’ve mentioned St. We would have to wait untill to see the module available in print.

These ads included a pre production cover of the module. I feel that each of these version of Blackmoor is but a representive of David Arneson’s vision.

DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor with map for Dungeons & Dragons

Results 1 to 10 of If divorced from the plot and used as mini-settings, they are quite nice. To the west, the implacable Afridhi are on the move. Adventures in Blackmoor Type: Views Read Edit View history. Notice that Arneson wasn’t involved in this one.

DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor with map for Dungeons & Dragons | #

This in turn lead to Dave Arneson obtaining the rights to publish further Blackmoor adventres with his own company Zeitgeist Games for the d20 System. There are only a few minor problems.


It is interesting to see how everyone’s experiences compared and differed. It has been speculated that this was due to a shift in management at TSR with Gary Gygax having left the company in towards the end of Thursday, 3rd May, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Adventures in Blackmoor at rpg. New magic unlike any ever encountered in Blackmoor.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Carried off to the sinister City of the Frog, she is now being held by the eccentric Monks of the Swamp. Did you complete it? Also included are seven pages of background for the DM, which give the history of the area in which the adventure is set, as well as three more pages introducing the player characters to the world of Blackmoor. The Duchy of Ten Type: As noted earlier, this could be due to the changes in management at TSR in the mid s.

He felt that ending the adventure in an old-fashioned “zoo-dungeon” was disappointing, “reminding us of Blackmoor’s origins”, but that the clues leading to the second part of the adventure were intriguing. Once you get past the fact that every other NPC is carrying an intelligent sword the Rogues, Regents, and Rascals section has some great characters. The inn is an interesting location and the backstory is engaging, but the adventure itself is fairly by the numbers.

The Temple of the Frog was based on locations used in Dave Arneson’s campaign in the early s during the time when the group were banished from Blackmoor Town itself after loosing the Castle to invading forces. Advebtures Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: