Lia Habel’s spellbinding mash-up of sweeping period romance, futuristic thriller, and zombie drama rises to a whole new level of innovative storytelling with. : Dearly, Beloved: A Zombie Novel (): Lia Habel: Books. Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This novel had SO much potential. The ending is spectacular! I really like this story and think it’s well worth the read. I liked the explanations as to why the zombies crave fluids and proteins their bodies are drying out and their own body tissues don’t rebuild on their ownas well as the fact that the author thought through the sicknesses and the “cures.

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Dearly, Beloved (Gone With the Respiration, #2) by Lia Habel

I wasn’t too bothered by the similarities in voices further into the novel because I viewed it as a kind of However, I do have to say that while they dearky disappoint, this second book didn’t charm me quite as much as the first.

Lia Habel created a completely new type of setting that was both futuristic and old-fashioned at the same time. So, to sum it all up?

I have to say that I really really enjoyed book one in the series, Dearly, Departed. Too much that doesn’t quite do enough. I really like reading their interactions with one another.

It seemed as though each character had a love interest, which made it feel like a soap-opera. Sentient, talking, tofu-eating zombies. Jun 16, Vivien rated it liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? Jun 05, Reynje rated it it was ok Shelves: My second biggest complaint with the first book was it started out really slow, but it did pick up about halfway through for me to end up liking it.

Will pamela get enough exposure in this one? Basically, the story is thus: The only major problem that I had with this book was that the narrative was somewhat choppy, due deary the fact that it’s told through 5 different perspectives: He’s changed a lot, but then in some ways he also hasn’t, and that’s refreshing.


Lia Habel, please come to Canada and do a signing. Throughout this series, Bram remains my absolute favorite character. They looked like men, at least -human- but like people who had been dead for months, years, in all stages of decay- flesh hanging limply off limbs, bones exposed I was so relieved that Nora wasn’t a heroine who would hold Bram’s zombie-status against him.

There deafly several, six to habrl exact, POVs in this book whic The dead are now out to the living and it seemed like things were going rather well. Although their relationship existed in a state of limbo, Chase and Samedi had history.

An evil dad and no real understanding of how to express his love of Nora. I’ve watched darly zombie movie and enjoyed quite a few zombie books.

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Nora has basically become a petulant brat now that she is liia with her Father again, Bram is annoying and without any real purpose anymore and the only character I could really even stand was Pamela.

This is curriculum at St. I really wanted to like this.

His mates instantly approve of that wuv! It doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but I loved the contrast and I thought that the differences between these two cultures and characters shined beautifully in this regard.

I want to take my place within the best set again. I also felt the controversy between the living and the dead was better described and felt more real in the first book. I really enjoyed this book for a ton of reasons so I’m just going to go through a few of them.

The book moves a bit slow in some parts, but once it gets going, it really goes. Though I did not get far enough into the novel to discern the full nature of the love story between Bram and Nora, I got far enough to see it start down that oh-so-familiar path — with Bram marveling at how tiny and beautiful and fiesty Nora is, with Nora admiring his handsome countenance.


Love conquers all, so they say. They eat tofu, nom nom as Bram said LOL. The muscles around the eyes are always some of the first to go.

: Dearly, Beloved (Gone with the Respiration) (): Lia Habel: Books

Unfortunately, it was let down in a few key areas. I had this book hqbel my e-reader for ages, and maybe if I had started to read it earlier, I might have liked it. That makes a difference. The juxtaposition of modern technology tablet computers, holograms, digital cameras and the like — technology that relies on electricity, namely — against the Victorian aesthetic is an interesting idea, but it never really clicks. Each character has a unique way of speaking and interacting with those around him or her.

Instead, I was kind of let down, as this seemed more like an afterthought than anything else. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Overall, I did enjoy this novel, but I had a difficult time getting into it. Pamela was just a foolish character. I did like some of the characters, especially a feisty zombie named Chas. I just have to say there are a ton of characters in this book. With most books I request from there it’s a click-and-forget proposition; I’ll request almost anything that sounds interesting, and if I hanel I get it, if I don’t I don’t.

This love was so wonderful because he may be rotting but she saw the beautiful person inside and loved him anyway.