Ibn Warraq is the pen name of an anonymous author critical of Islam. He is the founder of the . In a review of Ibn Warraq’s book, Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism, political scientist Peter Berkowitz described. Ibn Warraq, Amherst, NY, Prometheus Books, , pp. Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism by Ibn Warraq. Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism – By Ibn Warraq. David M. Fahey. Miami University. Search for more papers by this.

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The massacres of three hundred thousand people in Uganda by Idi Amin or of in Rwanda in We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism

One thing I do appreciate is Ibn Warraq’s point of view as a non-Westerner, which should deflect the standard accusations of racism, colonialism, privilege, etc. Rahul Raj rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Warraq accuses Said of not only willfully misinterpreting the work of defneding scholars, but also of systematically misrepresenting Western civilization as a whole.

Kinch rated it liked it Sep 11, They often contended with colonialist powers on behalf of natives, and many endured great personal and financial hardship in order to carry out their work.

That’s a good thing. Together facing the new totalitarianism with eleven other individuals most notably Salman Rushdie was published in response to violent and deadly protests in the Islamic world surrounding the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy. Retrieved from ” https: The effe Edward Said’s fraudulent work, first published inhas had a growing pernicious effect on the world, as have his hateful and deceitful works on the Arab-Israel conflict.


Defending the West

Journal of Islamic Studies. David Layton rated it really liked it Jan 02, By 19 he wwest moved to Scotland to pursue his education at the University of Edinburghwhere he studied philosophy and Arabic with Islamic studies scholar W.

Trivia About Defending the Wes Old schools of thought become the bones in which the new earraq of scholars sharpen their intellectual claws. Joe rated it it was ok Sep 19, The Origins of the Koran: Warraq further looks at the destructive influence of Said’s study on the history of Western painting, especially of the 19th century, and shows how, once again, the epigones of Said have succeeded in relegating thousands of first-class paintings to the lofts and storage rooms of major museums.

The author extensively describes – so there can be no doubt as to the force of his arguments – examples of Orientalists who had genuine sympathy, passion and love for the cultures they studied.

Despite his criticisms of Islamhe does not take the view that it cannot be reformed; and he works with liberal Muslims in his group. Eefending The Origins of The Koran: After graduating, Warraq was a primary school teacher in London for five years and moved to France with his wife inopening an Indian restaurant.

Warraq was born in British India and his family migrated to the newly independent Pakistan in The 70 Best Albums of We’ll see what I think when I finally finish it.

An apostasy, that is to say, leaving your religion in Islam, is punishable by death. With example after example, he shows that ever since the Greeks Western civilization has always had a strand in its very makeup that has accepted non-Westerners with open arms and has ever been open to foreign ideas.


To be fair, Warraq sometimes weet admiration for religion, but mostly in terms of certain philosophical or artistic achievements that he approves of. The genocide of 1. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. The 60 Best Songs of playlist Mixed Media. The crimes of Saddam Hussein, the chemical of the town of Hama by Hafez al Assad in in which 40 people die, and the 2 million people who have died in Iran because of the policies wset the Islamic Republic.

Defending the West by Ibn Warraq | : Books

Books by Ibn Warraq. Please try again later. Faazy Faiz rated it it was amazing Jun 26, I wanted to ask them both waarraq do you care?

Warraq’s commentary dffending Islam is considered by some to be overly Ibn Warraq is the pen name yhe an author most famous for his criticism of Islam. In Islamic states this constitutes apostasy. Warraq’s op-ed pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian in London, [29] and he has addressed governmental bodies all over the world, including the United Nations in Geneva.

The author also criticizes Said for inadequate methodology, incoherent arguments, and a faulty historical understanding.