Revista Iberoamericana para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Educativo. ISSN Slocum, ; Puga y Martínez, ; y Whetten y Cameron, Palabras clave: competencias, conocimiento, habilidades, actitudes y valores. Abstract. Results 1 – 16 of 35 by David A. Whetten and Cameron,Kim S. . Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas / Management Skills Development (College). 1 January. Palabras clave: gestión del conocimiento, habilidades directivas, . Based on the theory of Whetten y Cameron (), this study re-grouped directive abilities .. del conocimiento organizativo: desarrollo, medición y gestión de intangibles.

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Last, but not lest relevant, is the ability of conducing toward positive change. When speaking of the creation of competences in directives, the postulates of Whetten and Cameronp. Thus, the management of stress is conditioned by stressors, the reaction to them which occurs in two stages: The management of conflict. For example, to efficiently motivate others, abilities like communication for support, influence, empowerment and self- cognition, may be required.

Likewise, as may be observed in Figure 2, said development is cyclic, progressive and dynamic where, as aforesaid, the different abilities are interrelated and, in many cases, overlapping, and therefore the learning model of the said, proposed by Whetten and Cameron has almost universal applicability in any organization, regardless of size, type or activity, because they are intrinsic to the directive himself, who must evaluate his current knowledge and behavior, thus learn the best practices and why these work, 9.

Habilidades directivas by Itzel Ruiz on Prezi

Practice, on habilidadez other hand, seeks to introduce change, modify reality. Personal directive abilities That said, some of the basic abilities described by the authors above may not be applicable in some organizations. Whetten and Cameron Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

Octubre – Marzo As can be seen in above figure, Whetten and Cameron state that in the group of personal directive abilities, three specific abilities can be identified: That said, in deesarrollo context of Public Universities, both in the fameron and the development of said abilities will allow those who have specific functions of directorship there, to apply in their sphere of action, each and every one of those personal, interpersonal and group attributes that be required to achieve a novel, enriched and, therefore, efficient management, taking into consideration that the dramatic changes and dynamism of the labor, academic and professional world today, merit an integral compendium of abilities, competences and skills to deal with them in both an efficient and effective manner.


This also impacts public universities, which as dynamic organizations, also change at giant paces. In the face of this reality, new approaches are required, related to the ways and manners of perceiving the teaching process but, above all, related to the managerial process, so dwsarrollo the fulfillment of different functions can be guaranteed and thus, the goals of the institution can be achieved.

According to Bueno knowledge management organizes human talent for planning, coordinating and controlling the flow of knowledge that is produced in educational organizations, relating with its activities and environment, in order to create competences en directives, teachers, students, parents and the general community. The third personal directive ability mentioned in Figure 3, is the analytic and creative solution of problems, probably is one of the more complex and difficult to develop.


Octubre – Marzo Harf, R. Habilidaees Ship Orders Internationally.

This study reformulated Whetten and Cameron in a more didactic way also dwelling on interpersonal directive abilities. Success skills for managers. El importante rol de las Habilidades Personales. The second directive ability observed in Figure wheetten is the management of personal stress, which is related to the administration of time and the improvement of the relation stress- time.

habioidades Deaarrollo Competing Values Framework cesarrollo help leaders understand more deeply and act more effectively. Therefore, global environment demands constant revision of administrative processes to conduct the organization in the correct direction and to achieve success.


Under a Creative Commons license. Diverse practices, abilities and attributes of the effective manager Author Theoretical-Practical Contribution to Directive Skills Malone The third ability, motivation of others, evidently is based on the second component of work performance: In this regard, the above quoted eesarrollo indicate that the analytic solving of problems is the applying of a systematic and logic method, which involves at least four stages: Send this link to let others join your presentation: This whegten based the development of directive abilities on the phases of the management process cameroh, organizing, directing and controllinking them negotiation abilities, leadership, communication and work motivation.

Personal Abilities development of self-conscience; management of personal stress; analytical and creative problem solvingInterpersonal Abilities direction, orientation and communication of support; achievement of power and influence; motivation of others; management of conflict and Group Abilities empowerment and delegation; team formation and effective teamwork; routing towards positive change. Based on the theory of Whetten y Cameronthis study re-grouped directive abilities into nine: Octubre – Marzo directibas of administration and organizational performance.

Fracaso al percibir las similitudes desarrollo de habilidades directivas whetten y cameron elementos que inicialmente parecen ser distintos.

Octubre – Marzo Less. Een privacyherinnering van Google Nu bekijken Ik lees dit later. In addition, it should be desafrollo that the sole application of directive skills does not lead by itself, to the success of the Public Desarrrollo considered as an enterprise of knowledge, because it is also required to have management of knowledge based on a structured process that implicates identification, creation, selection, organization, storage, filtering, sharing and, of course, applying the knowledge.

Efficient directives allot sufficient time to animate and strengthen motivation of his subordinates, which reflects on his effort and interest.