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DIN Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National. Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. Pellets produced by our company meet the requirements of GOST R and the requirements of European standards DIN EN ISO , EN ISO.

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Regularized round timber of different diameters. Strength grading of wood – Part 4: Sawn timber of broadleaved species for stairs; quality requirements. This standard specifies two classes of permitted deviations from target sizes for strutural timber of softwood and hardwood species. Round and sawn timber – Method of measurement of features; German version EN This standard is only applicable to finger joints between timber members of the same species type. European spruces, firs, pines, Douglas firs and larches including amendment 1: Estimation by capacitance method; German version prEN Durability of wood and wood-based products – Performances criteria for curative wood preservatives as determined by biological tests; German version EN The document specifies a qualitative classification di grade designations for felled round timber of poplar in the form of long poles or logs.

The dinn gives guidance on methods for the determination of the natural durability of untreated solid wood to attack by wood-destroying fungi, insects beetles and diinmarine organisms and the classification of the wood species based on the results of these test methods.

This test standard specifies test methods for determining the following properties of structural round timber: Softwood sawn timber including Amendment A1: Planed boards and planks made of coniferous timber; dimensions. Dimensional classification di Part 1: The project lays 68216 methods for the determination of characteristic 5-percentile values from test results and gives acceptance criteria for a sample.

General terms relating to round timber; German version EN Euro lining — lining made by European standards.

Lining – ПРОТОН

Shrinkage and swelling dimensions see DIN The lining is different from the domestic lining of timber grading, profile, geometry — width and thickness, quality requirements for surface treatment and moisture of the board.


The paso-crest combination on the euro carriage is made according to dni European standard deeper than on the ordinary GOST board. The European Standard defines a non destructive method for estimating the moisture content of a piece of sawn timber.

It specifies grading characteristics and classes as a precondition for the specification and application of calculation values for the verification of limiting strength and usability according to DIN or Din Coniferous wood is distinguished by its high strength and resistance to external damage due to a high content of resin in it.

Durability of wood and wood-based products – Definition of use classes – Part 2: Moisture content of a piece of sawn timber – Part 1: Sawn timber – Appearance grading of softwoods – Part 1: Scrape finishing building lumber is widely used in suburban construction cottages, baths, saunasconstruction of cottages and outbuildings verandas, sheds, barns, premises for petsconstruction of elements of landscape design gazebos, bridges, outdoor playsets and in other finishing works as well.

Terms relating to dimensions of round timber; German version EN Timber structures – Structural timber and glued laminated timber – Determination of some physical and mechanical properties; German version EN The implementation of the national program “Affordable Housing” has also a positive impact on the expansion of target markets of our company.

This European Standard specifies the minimum performance requirements in biological tests for products for curative uses against specific wood destroying organisms. These longitudinal samples also relieve the internal tension in the board associated with a drop in temperature and humidity.

Durability of wood and wood-based products – Definition of use classes – Part 1: The document gives guidance on the application to wood-based panels of the hazard classes, as defined in DIN ENin relation to the biological agencies that can attack wood-based panels.

For each type and grade of panel product, as defined for example in an EN wood based panel standard, it is necessary to determine characteristic values of mechanical properties to enable it to be used for structural purposes. The characteristic strength and elasticity values are not directly applicable to structural timber, to that see DIN EN The document defines the sampling plans and procedures for inspection of sawn timber lots by attributes and control regulations and conditions for acceptance or rejection of the lot in view of the agreed specification.


It lists their relative durability to wood-destroying funge, dry wood-destroying beetles, termites, marine organisms. It also specifies the moisture content to be used as a reference point for the measurement of sizes, and gives average values for changes in size due to changes in moisture content.

These properties are intended for the calculation of “characteristic values” for use in obtaining material design values. It applies to both hardwood and softwood with a thickness not greater than mm.

Annex A gives information on 6826 biological agents. Sawn softwood – Visual grading – Part 3: This part of EN defines five use classes which represent the different service situations to which wood and wood-based products can be exposed.

The board is klibrovanny construction

Symbols for timber and wood based products; German version EN The division of the lining into the usual and lining is connected with the requirements of the standards for the production of the lining board.

This European Standard lists commercial hardwood and softwood timbers used in Europe. It also gives rules for the composition and acceptance of batches.

The document lays down the requirements for visual graded structural timber with round cross-sections, barked or unbarked and cut on length but otherwise not machined. Evrovagonka Euro lining — lining made by European standards. The standard lists for species of softwood conventionally, timber of coniferous trees and hardwood conventionally, broad-leaved trees in normal commercial usage the standard names, symbols, trade names, botanical names, density, and sources of supply.