The Deeper Meaning of Liff: A Dictionary of Things There Aren’t Any Words for Yet–But There Ought to Be [Douglas Adams, John Lloyd] on Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Does the sensation of Tingrith(1) make you yelp? This edition has been revised and updated, and includes The Deeper Meaning of Liff, giving fresh appeal to Douglas Adams and John Lloyd’s . The Meaning of Liff has ratings and reviews. Joshua Nomen-Mutatio said: When I first encountered this book in a friend’s bathroom I definitely.

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Not to be confused with Meaning of life.

The Meaning of Liff : The Original Dictionary Of Things There Should Be Words For

The ability to say ‘No, there’s absolutely nothing the matter, what could possibly be the matter? The book was released in the UK in November in time for the Christmas market. The person in an office that everyone whinges about in the pub.

Fo afternoon wasted on watching an old movie on TV.

The rather unconvincing noises of pretended interest which an adult has to make when brought a small dull object for admiration by a child. Descriptive of a joke someone tells you which starts well, but which becomes so embellished in the telling that you start to weary of it after scarcely half an hour. Toward the end of his life he was a sought-after lecturer on topics including technology and the environment.


WUZHOU L’ultima persona rimasta in un Wuhai che arriva ore dopo il Wuzhong e si ritrova tradita e confusa a dover cancellare definitivamente il gruppo.

The action of looking for something all over again in the places you’ve already looked.

Douglas Adams’s Meaning of Liff redefined | Books | The Guardian

Reading this book while working at Neu-Art Signs in Toronto. MILAGRO Quando dimostrare di avere un’ampia conoscenza di qualcosa di particolare passa dall’essere meritevole di stima allo svelare quanto tu sia sfigato.

The Best Books of I think that the only reason I put off reading this book for so long is that this is the last thing I’ll ever read of the amazing Douglas Adams. Everybody does it, but because there isn’t — or wasn’t — a word for it, everyone thinks it’s something that only they do and that they are therefore more stupid than other people. Tall young men who stand around smiling at weddings doug,as if to suggest that they know the bride rather well.

Almost 30 years after Douglas Adams first let us in on The Meaning of Liff in his dictionary of “things that there should be words for but aren’t”, the late author’s friends and family have come together to compile a new volume of “spare words”. The more you read it, the less it means to you.

A badly supressed yawn. Jan 19, Rudy Gate rated it it was ok. We’re looking for new ideas for dougglas and especially hope to gather a signpost photograph for every liff in both of the books. Jon Canter on the spirit of Douglas Adams. The melodious whistling, chanting and humming tone of the milwaukee can be heard whenever a public lavatory is entered. The panic caused by half-hearing the Tannoy in an airport.


You need to have the right or maybe the wrong type of sense of humour to enjoy this book.

The Meaning of Liff

This dictionary shows us how extraordinary life can be found in ordinary, everyday life. Lidf enter this month’s competition, enter your liff here! Prunelike after an overlong bath.

The sludgy bits in the bottom of a dustbin, underneath the actual bin liner.

To spray the person you are talking to with half-chewed breadcrumbs or small pieces of whitebait. Particular kind of frozen smile bestowed on a small child by a parent in mixed company when question, ‘Mummy, what’s this?

The Meaning of Liff (Meaning of Liff, #1) by Douglas Adams

He fell of dead from his own hometrainer. The most deformed potato in any given collection of potatoes.

Eskimo term To bang your thumbs between the oars when rowing. Sudden realisation, as you lie in bed waiting for the alarm to go off, that it should have gone off an hour ago.

A kind of burglar alarm in common usage. A ‘yes, maybe’ which means ‘no’.