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Video DVR and can you transfer info from a VHS TO A CD. I SEE IN THE OWNERS MANUAL THAT YOU CAN GO FROM CD TO VHS but nothing about. Dvr • Read online or download PDF • Sonic Blue DVR User Manual. Get Sonic Blue DVR DVD Player User’s Guide. Get all Sonic Blue manuals!.

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Place the disc in the drawer with the label side facing up. Summary dvvr4400 the content on the page No. RF Out Use if you have an older television with only a dvt4400 antenna input: ALL The date, time, and record source will be stamped briefly at the start ofall recordings. See Instruction Manual for replacement or resetting of protective device. Bookmarks Bookmarks allow you to jump quickly to your favorite scenes in a DVD movie.

Sonic Blue DVR4400 User Manual

Answered on Aug 27, There maybe a couple of screws holding the top spinner section over the DVD. Connect to your antenna, cable TV, or cable box with a coaxial cable. SP Manuao Play, for best quality. No audio when playing VHStapes. Show Weak Channels When you select channels with weak signals, you can choose to view a distorted picture or replace it with a blue screen.



However, you will not be able to record scrambled channels. Use the white input jack when connecting monosources. If the television advances to the next active channel, programming iscomplete! Use to select channels and set menu items. NO Indicates that Rating Control is disabled.

If replacement of the plug is dvt4400 sure the service technician has used a replacement plug specified by the manufacturer that has the same overload protectionas the original plug. Please assign your manual to a product: SHOW Channels with weak signal strength will be displayed.

If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. If the disc has two sides, place the disc with the desired side facing up.

Mmanual 61 13 Protective Attachment Plug The product dvvr4400 equipped with an attachment plug having overload protection.

Tapes without record safety tabs will play automatically when inserted. Answered on Feb 18, Remote Control SetupFollow these steps to program the remote control to operate many brands of television: If the time is not set at all, or if you are using the cable box hookup, turn off Auto Clock Set and set the clock manually; Also pre Summary of the content on the page No. You will not erase your tape for as long as you just press play, and not record on your VCR. If the television does not respond, try another 2-digit code.


If you want to make sure, break the write dvr44000 tab on the VHS tape. ConnectionsHelpTo search or scan for specific recordings: Theselected placeholder will blink.

Answered on Nov 17, Show Weak ChannelsWhen you select channels with weak signals, you can choose to view a distortedpicture or replace it with a blue screen.

You can choose either channel 3 evr4400 default setting or 4.

Tell us what’s missing. Get it from here https: Skip to step 5. These are inexpensive to replace, but you should have ALL of them replaced at the same time, to minimise the risk of further failures later on.


Press to select and set Require Password as follows: All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Press to select Title, Chapter or Time. Not finding what you are looking for?

Match yellow videored right audio and white left audio accordingly. TV shows blue screen. Your computer may come with a DVD burner, but if not, you will have to buy one.