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Ideally, you will buy a charger that can handle both lithium based and Nimh cells, that way you are ready for a lipo or A upgrade in the future without having to buy a new charger. For an indepth guide please click the link below- the build is based around a new Emaxx but the exact same principles still apply for the old Emaxx: Truck has quite a few upgrades that I see. Images View all Images in thread.

They are very robustly built with tight machining tolerances, coming sold as pairs including the high quality Tony’s Screws for assembly. This Traxxas truck has nylon tires, which ensure performance even when you race in the roughest and muddiest conditions.

The DX3r is the most advanced model Spektrum sell and is highly coveted by serious racers;- the lower end radios will be fine for most bashers needs. There are a great many brands out there, so choosing the best for your needs is somewhat tricky sometimes. Traxxas Radio Control Toy Vehicles.

Traxxas E-Maxx 3906 Radio Controlled Truck

You will receive parts as pictured. The downside is that they are limited to mah or so of capacity, so ideally should be ran in a parallel formation such as 5s2p 2 five cell packs connected in parallel to double the Mah capacity but maintain the same voltage as 5 cells.


max This Traxxas truck is driven by a twin Titan motors, which ensure quick takeoff and high speed while racing. There is an old rule of thumb regarding temps which many will find handy no-doubt: Lastly, the C rating thing. Large amount of upgrades available for the E-Maxx if that’s something you think you need to do but it’s just fine set up stock out of the box, w the battery situation mentioned earlier.

Then, programme the two escs at the same time to your radio, and that’s it. Aluminium skids are good, but they tend to bend rather than flex in a crash; FLM aluminium skidplates are quite sturdy it must be said though- using those in conjunction with some RPM bumpers would protect the front end from damage in all but the worst head-on crashes.

Traxxas and many aftermarket companies sell aluminium upgrades, the trick is knowing which ones to avoid. Steering mechanism The stock mechanism is fine essentially, the only real weak points being the weak steering servo, and the weak servo saver.

Emaxx Radio Control & Control Line | eBay

Feeling that the full potential of your T-maxx has been limited?. For Sale – Traxxas E-Maxx There are many different shocks available, but 396 will just cover the main, most popular ones: The Traxxas E-Maxx is equipped with an oil-filled ultra shock absorber system to ensure stability on rugged surfaces.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. They have a nominal resting r of 3. Color may not match other anodized components. Differentials Stock differential Shimming guide The fundamental weakness in the design is that the diffs only use 4 spider gears the small gears inside the diff cup, within the diff case itselfand a plastic cup and case.


These were removed from a new 2. Made from Steel and Aluminum Alloy. With the help of EVX electronic speed control in this radio controlled truck, you can madx the speed both in forward and reverse directions.

A 50watt charger will drop to around 3.

Dual sv2 castle esc. As a general rule this is normal behaviour, though maxx is possible to get different results depending on the esc and motors used- some motors run hot regardless, and some escs are less capable than others to deal with high current draw. Choosing the right capacity and C rating is important for any given application, and should be based on how many amps mmaxx chosen motor can draw at maximum load.

Best pick 2 bids 3d 21h. The two speed transmission in the Traxxas E-Maxx ensures quick acceleration and high speed. The issues are that mzxx stock slipper clutch uses small friction pegs inserted into the spur gear and a spring loaded pressure max to control torque delivery; the problem is too much slippage causes the slipper pegs to melt, and the spur will just spin and spin, without sending any power to the wheels, or the slipper plate will overheat causing the spur gear to melt in the centre.