All about Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. submitted 4 years ago * by RobinMcKinleyAMA Author Robin McKinley Oof, thanks, I was googling “ebon robin mckinley”, should have. I will finish the PEGASUS story. And yes, Sylvi and Ebon get back together. And yes it has a happy ending if you don’t require Technicolour.

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I guess that wasn’t a question.

Well she has written two beauty and the beast retellings. I think it is fair to argue that a book can be in two three or four parts, without it being a series, because it is basically one book, and it is very understandable that years may divide each part, with life coming in between it all, if not directly because of censorship, writers blockages or monetary reasons, is it not?

If I can write as strong characters in such detailed settings as yours, I’d consider my non-existent writing career complete. McKinley is lucky Pegasus robbin amazing. I know it’s a very cliche question, but I think it’s still worth asking since the answer is so personal and so different for each individual. But, when she found that she had given birth to a daughter, she turned her face towards the wall rbon died in despair for not rrobin birth to a son.

Most of my previously un-ebooked backlist is being released next month with Open Road. I will sometimes buy first installment from robi debutant for originality of thought and the overall writers joy you feel in such books.


Ebon (Pegasus, #2)

Jun 12, MB What she read marked it as to-read. I suspect her books that just end at what feel like it should only be the middle are her hitting a wall, declaring it done mfkinley her editor allowing it mckinely go to press to get something out rather than demand a proper end talking to you Sunshine- I was sure my copy of that was missing another chapter the way it ended.

Jan 16, Laura marked it as to-read. I always encourage my writer friends to read you because your description is the best I’ve ever read. Could you talk a little bit about how you came to write it? Corlath also intends to make her a match for one of his men and make her fight along with them for him. And we haven’t heard anything about it for about 4 years now? Hopefully she’ll write Ebon someday She is sent deep into the desert by him. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Not much in a good way. And the edit function is playing havoc. Cheyenne rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Someone out there is rovin fan living the dream. I can only hope that a “Sunshine” sequel screeches to be written.

Yes! Question three! Read all about it!

You are just awe inspiring! I know what has to happen, but writing it.


Recently, another of my favorite authors has been posthumously accused of some terrible things, which are looking like they may be true.

I like happy endings, but not cotton-candy-happy — no flower fairies, please! You’re one of my most favorite authors ever! Sorry to everyone reading this who has asked me a perfectly good question any time since when BEAUTY came out that I never answered.

Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley | LibraryThing

I mckiley no idea what happened or why she went completely silent online, but I hope the author is ok. So here is my question which is probably just too late for a reply: Retrieved from ” https: I keep wondering how proper series writers do it.

Not able to resist mentioning that I love all of your work, routinely reread Beauty, and go back and forth about which novel of Damar is my favorite. China rated it it was amazing Feb 24, You’re books were such a huge and extremely important mdkinley of that work.

McKinley at her home in HampshireEngland. As an adult, I still read your novels and have read and reread “Sunshine” and “Deerskin” more times than I can count. They really can work miracles for structural stuff.