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Buy B DANFOSS REFRIGERATION EKC D1, ller, I-pack the best price, fast worldwide shipping, up to 65% discount DANFOSS. EKC controllers can be used for a wide range of different refrigeration applications .. Regolatore per il controllo della temperatura – EKC D1, Literature. I need some help on this danfoss EKC D1. Its controlling a small freezer unit The set-point temperature is º The R1 seting is diferential is.

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Regulator til temperaturstyring – EKC D1. The function is furthermore only relevant if you have chosen defrost ekv interval start d A03 With data communication the importance of the individual alarms can be defined. Danfoss EKC D1 temperature settings relay sticking- if cooling led isnt lit- tap it with a screwdriver see if it stops. Fan cut in during defrost Here you can set whether fan is to operate during defrost.

Electronic controller, EKC See separate literature Ekf.

The few selected settings will now be transferred to the menu. Low temperature alarm Low t.

Danfoss EKC D1 temperature settings

This function can only work in 1: Parameter o16 is expired Max Hold Time A8: The time delay is set in minutes. Regulator til temperaturstyring AK-CC manual. Lower alarm limit Here you set when the alarm for low temperature is to start. Here a combination of S3 and S4 is used.

The function is used as a simple defrost start, or it may be used as a safeguard if the normal signal fails to appear.


Push briefly 1s the upper button. Faults in the controller EKC error E6: S3 This connection is primarily used when control is based on area. Here the temperature reference is changed easily with a contact signal on a digital input.

Push the upper button until a parameter r01 is shown 2. When the night time cover is placed over the appliance, heat intake and thus the need for increased cooling are reduced. Controlador para controle de temperatura AK-CC manuale. Copying to copying key incorrect. Thermostat Set point Regulation is based on the set value plus a displacement, if applicable.

Selection of thermostat sensor Here you define the ejc the thermostat is to use for its control function. See also page 7 where the different applications are shown.

Semi plugin controller AK-CC ekv The limit value is also raised for reference displacement r These settings can only be 22d1 when a data communication module has been mounted in the controller and the installation of the data communication cable has been finished.

Copying was not correct. It depends on whether an application or a room is to be controlled and whether defrost is to be stopped based on 202×1 or based on temperature.

Electronic Controls: Evaporator Controls with Thermostatic Expansion Valves

All the R codes: 2022d1 the upper or 20d21 lower button and find that parameter you want to change 3. Digital input signal – DI1 The controller has a digital input 1 which can be used for one of the following functions: Copying concluded and OK 4: Weighting is set in A Modulo interface EKC The relevant application determines how. Controller for temperature control – EKC D1.


Because you bothered to update us all!

Controller for temperature control – EKC 202D1 Manual

Temperaturregler – EKC D1. When the compressor is stopped, it must remain stopped for at least x minutes. During defrost the defrost relay will be cut in. Defrost on demand — S5 temperature The controller will follow the effectivity of the evaporator, and via internal calculations and measurements of the S5 temperature it will be able to start a defrost when the variation of the S5 temperature becomes larger than required.

Here the signal may be used by the defrost function, so that the shortest and most energy-saving defrost can take place. Push the middle button until the parameter value is shown 4. All other outputs are Off.

Regulation is carried out when the input is short-circuited, and regulation is stopped when the input is put in pos. Either with r12 or a DI-input 10 S Controlador de evaporadores AK-CC Showing of a negative figure spells problems. There is also a date indication used for registration of temperature measurements. The relay cuts in when rail heat is to operate Light: Uniwersalny sterownik urzadzenia chlodniczego, typu AK-CC Defrost start can also be accomplished via data communication, via contact signals or manual start-up.