The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett The .. Al punto da credere ‘ancora’ in valori come l’amicizia, e perfino l’onestà. En El largo adiós, Marlowe se ve implicado accidentalmente en un asesinato. Deberá resolver el misterio antes de que la policía. Title, El largo adiós. Volume of Letras universales. Author, Raymond Chandler. Editor, Alfredo Arias. Translated by, José Luis López Muñoz. Publisher .

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Altogether, the novel reads like two different shorter, better novels jammed together to form one long mess of one. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Different words, but our motives and thought patterns still follow stupidly predictable ways for those who can see it.

I feel a little badly about giving this book a poor rating. View all 11 comments.

From cops with varying degrees of violence and inferiority to equally violent gangsters with a touch more of class, from the comfortable, cocktail party carriage trade lacking every component of class except oodles of money to their sultry wives bearing every shade of guile and adultery, from shyster doctors preying on the sick, the vulnerable and the elderly to everyday folks just trying to xdios a buck before heading home and popping a cold beer, Chandler populates his novels with an aquarium full of colorful, shimmering, unforgettable species.

Do you have to read the other 5 books of his series before reading The Long Goodbye?!? O anche alle imitazione del custode del Malibu Colony.

El largo adiós – Raymond Chandler – Google Books

Because in many ways, a trench-coated tough-talking Bogart type is bad casting when it came to the Marlowe that Chandler originally presented to the public; his Marlowe is a lot more like the author himself, a quiet intellectual who mostly enjoyed staying at home, who talked in the clipped and gruff way he did merely because he was a borderline sociopath and nihilist, who wanted as little to do with the rest of humanity as possible.


I’m not sure how well street smarts would have translated ep character and plot analysis, but humans really haven’t changed that much in the past millennium or so. Women are broads and they’re all bad news. Wade considers himself to be a hack [he writes genre novels, historical bodice-rippers] and is tired of conforming to a formula. We’ve seen him tentatively fall for various femmes and some fatales in previous books. There are certain commonalities that great mystery novels follow and looking at the authors who developed those structures is very helpful.

The Long Goodby isn’t Chandler’s best. This novel was dramatised for television in for the anthology series Climax! A paragraph here is significant: What did you larbo butterflies hovering in a rosy mist? I was spot-on with the former, dead wrong with the latter. I expected heavy drinking, snappy dialogue and dames in mink stoles.

Obviously, I adore the genre and the writer, but even if I lagro hard to remove my own biases it is difficult to walk away from ‘The Long Goodbye’ without recognizing what a gift was thrown at our underserving, flat feet. It is late October or early November. But here I want to write, not about the essential style and structure of the genre that I chandlerr in Chandler, but about a kind of philosophical underpinning that makes this book great and which I think is also found in the greatest mystery writers.

In Raymond Thornton Chandler was an American novelist and screenwriter. This book is well-written, but it has a central problem that I can’t overlook enough to enjoy it.

The Long Goodbye (Philip Marlowe, #6) by Raymond Chandler

Il condominio dove abita Marlowe a Westwood – sullo sfondo le sue belle vicine di casa. To be honest, I respect what Chandler did with Marlowe and the hardboiled genre, but this novel was a task to get through.


Yet sometimes I would wonder. I turned on the fan in my office. Pacing seems to be a crucial element of a mystery, and as a reader new to this particular sub-genre of mystery, I think I stopped and started and reversed and stalled too much to ride whatever momentum Chandler had intended for me. When the person that was killed was not of much value ladgo society, he still believes finding the person who snuffed out that poor and miserable life, chanvler worthwhile.

The Long Goodbye is Chandler’s most personal novel. It is pages longer than both of the other two classics and I think the story would have been better served if Chandler had kept things short and sweet. She was the beat of my heart for thirty years.

The Long Goodbye

A rereading, which brings with it a foreknowledge of events and the ability to consider all its far-reaching elements collectively, creates a corollary to that longstanding assertion: MacDonald created a character named Travis McGee, through whom he could comment on cultural and environmental matters.

It also gave me a serious jones for gimlets: Macdonald l-a privit surprins.

Y lo poco que me ha sorprendido un detalle al final me ha parecido un recurso super cutre. His attractions are wasted on Wade’s guileful wife.

There are twists in the story, however disarming and unbelievable larho maybe, that kept me hooked. He does is yet again another time. His first short story, “Blackmailers Don’t Shoot”, was published in in Black Mask, a popular pulp magazine.