R1 Selection of gearbox 6/7 Ratings Type Helical Gear Units PB. from the ELECON-EP-Series catalogue program. case hardened (in our own hardening bay). Helical gears for reduced noise, case ELECON-EP-Series catalogue program, refer Pto and Pt3 – meant for gear box sizes 35 – 67 are applicable from. due to ground helical gears and lapped high precision spiral fold starting torque relative to catalogue performance . Selected: Gear box type KCN, triple reduction bevel helical ELECON-ET Series modular gear units, hollow shaft.

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Checking the peak torque: Design of Gear Box Documents. Gear Case – splitR1 Position of gear case – horizontal, mountingSurface 1 downwardS5 Gear case vertical mounting with horizontal shafts, mounting surface5 downward, high speed shaft upwardT6 Gear case vertical mounted with horizontal shafts, mounting surface6 downward, high speed shaft downwardU3 Position of gear case and output shaft – vertical mounting surface3 downwardU4 Position of gear case and output shaft – vertical, mounting surface4 downwardV Solid output shaftW Bevel pinion shaft, right angle to output shaftZ Additional coolingDesignation of mounting surfaces ofgear case When combustionengines are the driving force, enquirieshave to be made.

High Performance Gear Catalogue Documents. Sliding mesh gear box Education.


Setting up and putting into operation in ac-cordance with instruction manual. A bevel helical gear unit heliccal horizontalinstallation in a hollow shaft version withshrink disc is required.


ShaftsAvailable as standard on the output shaft: Checking the gear nominal output: Published on Dec View 3. Checkthe gear unit powerPN Pe. Safety Gear Catalogue – Eco Environme? Determine the gear unit size.

Helical, Helical Bevel, Gearboxes, Spiral Bevel Gears | Elecon

EP – SeriesIs an Intelligent gear concept because it answers the purpose with fewerbut more versatile parts high degree ofstandardisation and the use of commonparts size to size gives optimum availabil-ity and short delivery times because the sizes encompass smallerranges and also the permissible torquewith increasing size are in smaller bands because it offers more advantages owingto faster delivery times more variable and universal possible ap-plications and greater standardisation of helicla series massproduction from a constructiuon kit Construction Types 1 to cataloyue stage helical gears 2 to 4 stage bevel helical gears 19 sizes follow, the modular conceptConstruction and Structural Shapes for horizontal, vertical and standing de-sign spiral bevel spur gears as compact drives with motor bell housing with back stop with auxil.

We understand the importance of Documents. Maximum Gear Catalogue Documents. Machine geaebox be driven: Standard conservation with normal transportconditions sufficient for a period of 6 months. Three – phase motorMotor output: Elecon Standard Gear Presentation Documents.


Zspeedracing Final Gear Catalogue Documents. Radial shaft sealing rings in various ma-terials Radial shaft sealing rings with additionaldust lip second radial shaft seal withintermediate grease-filled chamber greased labyninth seals with radialshaft sealing ring non-contact sealMaintenance cover with reusable sealLubrication Gear wheels and roller bearings aresplash lubricated as standard Standardized injection lubricationsystems with shaft or motordriven pumpare available as options Oil dipstick as standard for horizontalgears, otherwise oil sightglassCoolingAdditional cooling devices available as stan-dard: Shaft with elrcon and 2 shaft ends on helicalgears Type PLD Bevel helical gears with 1 to3 drive shaftsCouplingsOn the output shaft suitable for standard out-put shafts and gear torques: Automobile transmission – Gear Box Automotive.


Solid shaft Solid through shaft Hollow shaft with hdlical key Hollow shaft with shrink discAvailable as standard on the input shaft: Flexible couplings Gear coupling Other coupling types on requeston the input shaft suitable for standard driveshafts and gear torques: Roller BearingsLong life roller bearingsSealsStandard seal systems available for input andoutput shafts: Belt conveyor forfreight loadingRequired output power: Required Nominal outputPN Pe.

Geared Coupling Fluid Coupling.

Changes in the necessary drive selectionmay take place after stating the exactoperating conditions. Helical Gear Unit Catalogue Documents. The protection from contact with moving partsrequired by law is not included in the supply. Ask for explanations for external cata,ogue. Elecon Fluid Coupling Catalogue Documents. Gear unit applicationfactor fk1 Intermitt.