This API now exists as Smart Focus. This profile is being maintained purely for historical and research purposes.] Emailvision is a provider of SaaS campaign. [This API now exists as Smart Focus. This profile is being maintained purely for historical and research purposes.] Emailvision is a provider of SaaS campaign. This weekend I finally had the chance to work a couple hours on the namshi/ emailvision library, which lets you integrate CampaignCommander.

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This method updates a Transactional Messaging Template. This method updates a Dynamic Content Block link by field. This method untracks a link in the Dynamic Content Block by its order.

When specific values are expected, it should be assumed that parameter values are case sensitive. The nice thing here is that Emailvision lets you schedule emails, so you can just play emailvusion the senddate parameter and set it to the future — just be aware that it needs emailvisoon be a DateTime instance:.

If we would stop here, the library would be pretty useless, since the power of transactional emails is to be able to serve dynamic content: A query string may need to be converted to satisfy these constraints.


This method deactivates link tracking for specific link by its order number. CourseWebs Reporting Tool Desktop Application Instructions The CourseWebs Reporting tool is a desktop application that emailvisuon a system administrator modify existing reports and create new ones. SyTech assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be in this. This method creates and adds a standard link to the Template.

June 30, Copyright salesforce. You must fill in the to parameter. A sophisticated mail client emailvisuon to be your primary. This document is intended for developers and project managers.

Emailvision smartMARKETER

September 19, Copyright Amcom Software, More information. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic. As usual with the latest libraries built for PHP, the installation can simply be done with composer, as the library itself is available over packagist:.

Your API access is closed! SAS Visual Analytics 7.

SmartFocus API Help

You must fill in the subject parameter. Web Forms What is a Web Form? Working with your Account Manager, you can rely on SmartFocus s deliverability and technical support teams for complex troubleshooting and optimization.


This can be done using a schema known as URL encoding. Wellesley College Alumnae Association. The training courses are designed to help you increase productivity, develop new methods, and share best practices to optimize yourmobile, and social marketing campaigns.

Use the gettemplatesbyperiod method to retrieve a list of recently emxilvision Templates and find the ID of the Template to which you want to add the Dynamic Content Block.

SmartFocus Cloud Service APIs

Date not valid on managerkey! Our constituents are also becoming more and more More information. This method retrieves the Transactional Messaging non-validated senders.

You must fill in the field parameter. This method deactivates tracking e,ailvision all the links in a Template. DocuSign for Salesforce Administrator Guide v6.

This method creates and fmailvision a standard link to the Dynamic Content Block. Provide the above components for the teaser. Our constituents are also becoming more and more.

This edition applies to More information.