Eremurus spectabilis is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Eremurus (family Xanthorrhoeaceae). The record . + Synonyms. Common Name: No Image. General Information. Eremurus spectabilis is a Perennial up to metres tall. It has edible and miscellaneous uses. PDF | On Jan 1, , M. Dashti and others published Ecological requirements of plant of Eremurus (Eremurus spectabilis M.B.) in Khorasan.

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The bulb is dried and powdered and then used for sizing cloth, bookbinding etc[]. Views Read Edit View history.

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Habitat Stony slopes and steppes[ 42 Title Hardy Bulbs. It cannot grow in the shade.

Plants can also be mulched overwinter with organic matter in the autumn in order edemurus give them extra protection, but this mulch must be removed in the spring otherwise it might encourage the new growth to rot[]. The octopus-like tuberous roots are easily injured; planting on a cone of soil, with the crown on the peak and the roots hanging down, is recommended.

Eremurus Type species Eremurus spectabilis.


Tubers should be planted 15cm deep[1]. These plants are generally native to western and central Asia, although Eremurus thiodanthus is endemic to the Crimea.

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Eremurus spectabilis

Sow stored seed in a greenhouse as soon as it is obtained. All plant pages have their own unique code. Stony eremuurs and steppes[42]. This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages.

Eremurus spectabilis | Flora of Israel Online

It prefers dry or moist soil and can tolerate drought. In other projects Wikimedia Spectsbilis Wikispecies. Last update on It is also known for being tall, sometimes rising up to 10 feet over the foliage, depending on the variety.

Great care must be taken because the plants resent root disturbance[].

You can translate the content of this page by selecting a language in the select box. Do not plant deeply in the soil, the crown of the plant should be slightly exposed[]. It is probably best to pot up the divisions and grow them on in the greenhouse until they are established.


Eremurus spectabilis – Wikispecies

You will receive a range of benefits including: Please view the copyright link for more information. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.

Retrieved 9 October Lists a very extensive range of useful plants from around the world with very brief details of the uses. Not for the casual reader. Eremurus Eremurus himalaicus Scientific classification Kingdom: If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below.

The edible young shoots are sold in local markets in Siberia[ 46 Title Dictionary of Economic Plants. It is probably best to pot up spectabilia divisions and grow them on in the greenhouse until they are established. General Information Eremurus spectabilis is a Perennial up to 1.

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