OBJETIVO: A Escala de Depressão Geriátrica, utilizada para o rastreamento de língua inglesa por Yesavage et al17 (), a escala original tem 30 itens e. Aplicou-se o Mini-Exame do Estado Mental (MEEM) e a escala de depressão . ( ); GDS, versão abreviada com 15 perguntas (Yesavage et al., ) e. (Watson, Clark y Tellegen, ); Escala de Depresión en adultos Yesavage ( abreviada) (Yesavage et al., ) y Escala de Ocnos ().

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Arq Neuropsiquiatr ;57 2B: As for education, A new depresion scale designed to be more sensitive to change. According to US Bureau of Justice statistics, the more common mental problems among the imprisoned population are mostly related to major depressive disorder and mania symptoms. I Departamento de Epidemiologia. Int Clin Psychopharmacol ;12 Suppl 7: The intraobserver reliability was 0. Last, we must consider that the present study has a series of limitations. Para evaluar la fiabilidad del cuestionario se analizaron 3 aspectos: Acta Psychiatr Scand ; First, the sample decided voluntarily to participate and therefore it is not clear whether it is representative of the whole imprisoned population, since no probabilistic techniques were used to select the sample.

Two hundred and forty-nine patients older than 65 years completed the study, with age of A recent yesacage study carried out in 5 prisons in Northeastern United States 2concluded a prevalence yeasvage moderate to severe mental disorder of Geriatric depression scale GDS: It was also detected that individuals who exhibited depressive symptoms scored lower than normal on the MMSE.


Development and testing of a fiveitem version of the Geriatric Depression Scale. J Gerontol Psychol Sc ; 44 4: Development and validation of a geriatric depression screening scale: Scores on the test range from 20 to 80 and the scores fall into four ranges which identify the severity of depression: Screening tests for geriatric depression.

Furthermore, the study by Birmingham et al 3 states that only one of every four patients with severe mental disorders was successfully identified upon imprisonment. Corroborando esses achados, a pesquisa longitudinal do sul do Brasil com idosos de 80 anos ou mais, aponta que o incremento de sintomas depressivos nos idosos estava associado a pior desempenho no MEEM Argimon e Stein, Therefore the test allows for the identification of depression symptoms but not of their severity.

J Am Geriatr Soc.

Validation of geriatric depression scale in a general outpatient clinic

In a second phase, the doctor or the nurse abreviara the questionnaire to every patient individually. Assim sendo, Brucki et al. A self-rating depression scale. Dessa maneira, a amostra do presente estudo foi composta por idosos mulheres e 17 homenscom idade entre 60 a 86 anos.

Short versions of the geriatric depression scale: This is mainly due to the over year delay in matter of Mental Health policies.

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yesavahe Cwikel J, Ritchie K. Basic principles of ROC analysis. Prevalencia de trastornos mentales y uso de servicios: In Colombia, mental health has been traditionally relegated and only now has its impact in society been acknowledged. Con demasiada frecuencia se utilizan cuestionarios inapropiados y sobre todo no validados en nuestro medio.

Med Clin Barc ; The prevalence of cognition disorders was 9. In Colombia this scale has been used in a number of studies and has been validated in university population 22 and among the abrefiada population in Bucaramanga 23even with adolescents Semin Nucl Med ;8 4: A screening of Table 1 depicts the identified symptoms of depression.


Cognitive tracking and depressive symptoms in elderly starting out on physical exercise program

Estudio comparativo de salud mental en estudiantes de medicina de dos universidades estatales peruanas. Scand J Rheumatol ; Med Care ; The results of this study give rise to clinical evaluation, yfsavage specialized staff in the area of psychiatry and his intervention, given the characteristics of self-reported depression for this population. Fam Pract ; Rev Gerontol ; 5: Later this scale was used as a screening tool, with proven usefulness.

J Am Geriatr Soc ; Reliability, validity and psychometric properties of the Greek translation of the Zung Depression Rating Scale.

Se captaron sujetos de los cuales finalizaron el estudio abreviwda Nevertheless the scale has a series of limitations which must be taken into account such as including a strong somatic component with eight items, which entails screening difficulties in people with physical pathology, a consideration highlighted by Seitz and Franco How high is the prevalence of depression in old age.

In fact, confinement can be the cause or the trigger for depression symptoms, as Metzer et al 14 have presented.

Miller HA, Young G.