H Ultra-Harmonizer®. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Eventide the next step Harmonizer is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc. for its audio pitch shifta. H Ultra-Harmonizer (R) SERVICE MANUAL Eventide the next step TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION H SPECIFICATIONS OPTIMUM. This is not mine. i tip my hat to the guy/guys who put in the effort to do this. Thank you sir and sirs service manual User manual.

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This is a 6N opto isolator.

H manual | Eventide

Basically, U47B drives the sample-and-hoid cap C27 thru transistor Q1. A description of the Left Frequency Synthesizer follows. If the two clocks are out of phase, this circuit cloTs aTe? The fader data evebtide carries all the level information for input, output, mix and feedback MDACs.

Data is not written to or read from the Global Data bus during this operation. The converters can be set to run at the input sample rate of D24 is used for protection only. Pins 3 and 4 are the KHz input clock for U An external reference is set up by the two resistors R11 and R12 for the left channel and R13 and R14 for the right channel. This is amnual the two input channels are evenyide, filtered and converted to a 16 bit, serial data stream.

Again, since the Brain has only an 8 bit data bus, it must write to the 16 bit Global bus in two steps. The voltages are all noted on schematics. This includes loadinq executable code into each of the PELs, calculating and setting all signal processing? The operating system is the set of instructions that makes the H tick.

  BMX DRA 0805 PDF

Measure the CLK1S signal tor The output of the H appears as a processed, but noninverted signal at the output connector J6. Operations such as reading from the A to D, h300 to the D to A and writing and reading the delay address are accomplished here.

It primarily allows the brain to read from and write to the Global Data Bus mentioned earlier. This is detailed in the instruction manual. With a device as complex as the H there are many occasions amnual operator error, wiring mamual or faulty installation account for what was thought to be a device breakdown.

The delay memory cycle time is once every two processor cycles.

Various parts of the H can generate an interrupt mmanual the 68A This is effectively random noise generated by such things as bus contention, wrong timing or no timing at all. Latches data into the Fader Data Buffer. Closing any of the switches will generate a data byte to the Brain to indicate which one it was.

Is input bargraph lighting? The switch matrix consists of the keypad, the lit bypass switch, and the 8 unlit switches. They are 2K evemtide 8 bit RAMs. This prevents the user from clipping emphasized high frequencies. R1 05 and H0300 09 provide output short circuit protection, and oscillation suppression along with R, R, Cl 14 and Cl Many are mono in, stereo out which use the left channel input and shut off the right.

Only a dim backlight. A dual interrupter is used to enable clockwise and counter clockwise motion to be detected by the Brain. This allows a quicker design cycle and flexible signal processing algorithms. Set the input and output levels on the H to OdB.


They operate the same way as the input but, are clocked by the RAS signal. When U counts to zero the RCO pin goes high to enable U which counts to zero like the others and outputs a high on RCO which sends the output of U 39 low when pin 11 goes high. A few of these correction operations during one input sample period could cause a sync failure. These values are then presented to weighting resistors R4 through R9 which form a crude D to A converter. The counting begins with U Distortion analyzer filters may be necessary.

Some familiarity with its operation is necessary so refer to the H Instruction Manual for help with basics.

H Series User Manual | Eventide

There is a test point labelled IS for checking this. Are both channels bad? Each 22 microsecond sample period is evenly divided into time slots, each slot correspondinq o an available bus cycle. U is set up to divide by 16 with two outputs unused. Some words about “crashing” the audio are certainly in order here.

H3000 Series User Manual

Channel B is identical in operation. Front panel ribbon connector loose. The following is a semi-detailed circuit description for channel A.

Bus is the main data communications’ bus in the H These three lines clock data into the mailboxes. A dual primary transformer is used to enable operation from either 1 1 0 volt or volt AC lines. A little heat on the cap from a heat gun will help to snap the cap on in the manua, it must be removed.