Paperback. Mar 01, | Pages. Buy People Who Read Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre Also Read. ‹ › When Things Fall Apart. Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre has ratings and 93 reviews. peiman-mir5 Published March 1st by Plume (first published October 1st ). Walter Kaufmann, Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre (New York: Meridian,. 1. ), p. Nietzsche (). Nietzsche’s writings had a profound.

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The most interesting was Heidegger. In his later dostoevxky he dismisses Kierkegaard as sarhre a religious writer, and he devotes more and more attention to the works of Nietzsche whom he has come to consider one of the very greatest philosophers of all time and, exisrentialism, the last great metaphysician of the West. What is striking to a philosopher is that practically all English- speaking philosophy is included in the condemnation of inauthentic life: The content was furnished by his partners who began by thinking they had knowledge, and his own function was mainly critical.

For Jaspers any content is secondary, and in his essay “On My Philosophy” he san say: For an introduction to a subject, it contained an awful lot of A decent primer sqrtre anyone interested in Existentialism.

For man’s everyday needs, it would have been quite enough to have the existentiaalism human consciousness, that is, half or a quarter of the amount which falls to the lot of a cultivated man of our unhappy nine- teenth century, especially one who has the fatal ill-luck to inhabit Petersburg, the most theoretical and intentional town on the whole terrestrial globe.

He left off clanking it. How strange Kierkegaard is when he speaks of himself, and how similar to Dostoevsky’s underground man-in con-tents, style, and sensibility! Oct 23, Matthew DeCostanza rated it liked it.

As for Heidegger’s later writings, Jaspers has zartre stopped as much as reading them. Books by Walter Kaufmann. I have a right to say so, for I shall go on living to sixty myself.

If I am six feet tall, that is that. Instead of asking whether Descartes’ fine ideal that our reasoning should be clear and distinct, reinforced since by the tremendous progress of the sciences, might not eventually lead philosophers to concentrate on logic and trivialities to the neglect of large and certainly important areas, Kierkegaard rashly renounced clear and distinct thinking altogether.

Does he force the reader to think, to share in a common enterprise with Hegel? Skip to main content. Why, in the first place, when in all these thousands of years has there been a time when man has acted only from his own interest?


Heidegger, like Schliemann and Sir Arthur Evans, enlists the help of poets, which adds to the excitement and makes his later works, for all their frequent obscurity, no less unacademic compared to most philosophy than was Being and Time. Clearly, it excludes such relatively more traditional philosophers as, for example, Whitehead or even Russell, let alone the neo-Thomists; and although positivism and the analytic movement are also in revolt against traditional philosophy, the above description does not fit them.

Nausea Penguin Modern Classics. Fischer paraphrases difficult texts, and when they become too difficult he quotes. As in most of these cases, it would be beside the point to spec-ulate how much space he will receive in future histories of philosophy.

View all 8 comments. But if the feat of Socrates is really to be repeated and philosophy is to have a future outside the academies, there will have to be philosophers who think in the tension between analysis and existentialism.

It is entirely proper to consider the writings of these four men as the hard core of existentialism: So you give it up with a wave of the hand because you have not found a fundamental cause. I ask you, gentlemen, listen sometimes to the moans of an educated man of the xartre century suffering from toothache, on the second or third day of the attack, when he is beginning to moan, not as he moaned on the first day, that is, not sim-ply because he has toothache, not just as any coarse peasant, but as a man affected by progress and European civilization, a man who is “divorced from the soil and the national ele-ments,” as they express it now-a-days.

With inimitable vigor and finesse the major themes are stated here that we can recognize when reading all the other so-called existentialists from Kierkegaard to Camus. The very critics who would be the first to make a point of the vulgarity of the preceding charges frpm most frequently pressed this point. Although, if one wishes dostpevsky included Kierkegaard in here as the first Existentialist, because he is also considered an Absurdist, then Camus becomes the counterpoint as an Atheist Absurdist to Kierkegaard’s Theistic Absurdism.

In one of the rare passages in which he mentions Heidegger by name, Jaspers says, late in his Frm, referring to Heidegger’s main work, Sein und Zeit: Freud’s attack on self-deception is quite apt to lead to self-deception on a different level: It has never been the forte of philosophers to acknowledge their debts. An Imperial Message 2. Unlimited Existentiqlism Delivery and more.

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When Gregor Samsa finally accepts his transfigured body and surrenders himself to an insect’s death, he is making a choice—and in a sense, that choice and his reluctance to make it are what the whole story is about. Looking for More Great Reads? They tormented me till I was ashamed: Kaufmann does not distinguish this difference.

Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre | : Books

And then kicked around some more. But the chief point was that all this was, as it were, not accidental in me, but as though it were bound to be so. Philosophers in particular were, Nietzsche claimed, too often motivated by the wish to justify the moral prejudices of society.

But set your minds at rest, gentlemen, I have not re-ceived a slap in the face, though it is absolutely a matter of indifference to me what you may think about it. Those dosteovsky express in the first place all the aimlessness of your pain, which aartre so humiliating to your consciousness; the whole legal system of nature on which you spit disdainfully, of course, but ecistentialism which you suffer all the same while she does not.

Here another similarity to Nietzsche may be noted. Heine came to part with Hegel because the philosopher was not liberal enough xartre him and too authoritarian.

Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre

Before the Law 3. In the story of existentialism, Nietzsche occupies a central place: There are intentional and unintentional towns. What he wished to offer was science, and he frequently lamented the paucity of observations in this area, the lack of adequate dostoevsjy foundations, and the need for planned research.

Before that projection of the self nothing exists; not even in the heaven of intelligence: But it is just in that cold, abominable half despair, half sxistentialism, in that conscious burying oneself alive for grief in the underworld for forty years, in that acutely recognized and yet partly doubtful hopelessness of one’s position, in that hell of unsatisfied desires turned inward, in that fever of oscillations, of resolutions rxistentialism for ever and repented of again a minute later—that the savour of that strange enjoyment of which I have spoken lies.