Editorial Reviews. Review. “To say it was awesome would be an understatement. pace ExtraNormal (Book 1) – Kindle edition by Suze Reese, Eve Ventrue. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Post image for ExtraNormal by Suze Reese. I should have protested. Instead, I inhaled again, deeply. He he loved me. That was it. Extranormal by suze reese pdfExtranormal by suze reese pdf Extranormal by suze reese pdf.

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The other amazing thing about this book is that Mira has parents, two of them, who exttranormal about her and each other, and are actually in her life, this does not extranrmal a lot if YA. Seeing Mira try to keep her visible emotions in check while falling in love for the first time really brought me back to those awkward times we all shared as a teen.

You kick that breast-cancer’s bootie! Reese explored all of these questions while at the same time adding a sense of humor. He was such a beautiful amazing guy, total fangirl here!

She is awed by beauty. Talk about fitting in. First off, the book started with a blunder. Aliens, romance, action and suspense all mesh together into a great start to a new young adult series. They do make an effort at actually being involved, though, which is nice to see. Mira has another adventure, or perhaps her girlfriend from home? I have published in a different genre, but this one is way way more fun.


There is SO much potential for this to be an awesome series full of all the things I love about space, spies and anything that is geeky. I just wanted to reach out and slap him so hard, at least I was not alone in this feeling.

Smashwords – About Suze Reese, author of ‘ExtraNormal (ExtraNormal Series #1)’

Apr 26, What I disliked-I thought the ending was too happy for my tastes. Cover Thoughts-I love it! I adored the connection and the love that bloom between them.

Debut Author Challenge — members — last activity Nov 15, She tries to keep her secret as she knows it is the only way to keep him safe. I know how snobbish that sounds. But after she finds one boy too irresistible for stupid rules, she realizes the real reason she’s supposed to keep her distance: They don’t look different, they don’t talk different, they don’t act different.

The said couple is planning to take over the world or something along the lines because of the superior powers that these aliens have over us Earthians. Oh, and try not to get on the bad side of Mira’s mom. Extrahormal cannot tell you how many times she has felt him watching her. The love she feels emanating from him is unlike any other emotion she has witnessed and it makes her feel divine bliss.


Suze Reese

It was fun, suspenseful, interesting, fast paced, and has a healthy dose of romance. Like what you see?

Want to Read saving… Error rating book. I suppose the electromagnetic explanation was interesting, and I could see it working in a way, but it actually implies that Exyranormal and Mira will have an effortless love.

Not having friends or going out of your way to avoid boys is a sure way to stand out. I love paranormal fiction, but I falter with too much fantasy and talk of other worlds.

And you’d better hurry if you’re tempted. It’s a good story, I just wish there was more Alien stuff in it. Jun 09, Jagged rated it did not like it Shelves: All of these things have been denied to people from her world.


Dec 06, CJ rated it liked it Shelves: It was a definite page turner and I couldn’t set it down untiI I had finished the entire thing! I think exhranormal is going to be a great series, probably for older teens because of the angst that was dealt with. The romantic element was YA appropriate and heartwarming.