Eye of Vecna Type Accessory General Name Shriveled Pebble Lore to Identify 99 Effects Doubles all 1st & 2nd level mage spells +35% resistance to magic +4. Hitting 40k means we can all take a gander at the Hand of Vecna, the Eye of Vecna, and the Dragon Orb! We’re just one step away from. Eye and Hand of Vecna. (update). Wondrous Item, Artifact, (requires attunement). Attunement: Yes. Worn in Slot: no slot required. Source: PHB. Description.

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Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Over time, the user begins to exhibit Vecna’s personality, and many possessors have begun to believe that they were Vecna himself. In CYhis cult helped set events in motion that would have granted him the power of a greater godbut the plan was ultimately foiled. Vecna’s holy symbol is an eye in the palm of a left hand. Vecna’s “right hand man” and then ultimately his betrayer is Kas the Bloody-Handeda vampire whose sword, the Sword of Kasis also an artifact.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Individual congregations are known as organs. Dungeon Masters Guide Wizards of the Coast The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: He is also rumored to have made significant additions to the Book of Vile Darkness.

Beasts and other beings. He was initially trained by his mother, Mazzelin the art of magicbefore she was executed by the government of Fleeth for practicing witchcraft. It is described as blackened, as if it has been burned, and the sole remains of an evil lich of great power who imbued his hand with power to survive even if he was destroyed.

It is usually described as a left hand, with long, claw-like nails. The user begins to act like Vecna and even believe that they are him.

The Hand was discovered by a fisherman named Gisel during the reign of Hamoch of Tyrus. When satisfied with the host, it increases the skill bonus and grants the power to unleash a beam of necrotic energy from the eye, while a pleased eye grants an even greater skill bonus and the power to see into the souls of those around the host via an aura of clear sight.

  DIN 3852-2 PDF

With the release of the adventure Vecna Lives!

eye of vecna, who takes the damage? | Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate | BoardGameGeek

Quethos used the Hand to establish himself as leader of the Vecnan sect Disciples of Darkness after exposing the previous leader ‘s counterfeit Hand and Eye of Vecna as a fraud. Additional abilities become evident if the PC also possesses the Hand of Vecna. The Head of Vecna was later mentioned by Morte, a floating skull in Planescape: Using an invoked non-constant power on either artifact risks the artifact taking over the character, in which case the artifacts follow Vecna’s agenda to raise eeye empire again, gain revenge on Kasand return to Oerth.

Slowly, gradually, they turn the user toward evil.

The PC can see out of the Eye normally, and it grants an array of magical powers, such as the ability to see perfectly well in the dark or to see magical auras. Being a secretive cult, there are no real collections of Vecnan teachings.

Rumoured ways to destroy the Eye include roasting in the flames of the oldest red dragon in Oerth [1] [2]encasing in volcanic glass of the Hellfurnaces and shattering it against the edge of space [2]or wearing the eye and hurling oneself into the Rift of Pyradon [3].

It shows its wearer terrible visions. The Hand and Eye of Vecna were all that remained of the arch-lich Vecna after his betrayal at the hands of his trusted vampire lieutanant, Kas the Bloody-Handed.

Different powers are invoked by ten of the sixteen possible combinations of four extended fingers, and one by touch. For the American software and robotics company, see Vecna Technologies. Possessing both allows the bearer to summon powerful fiends. Vecna gave one of their vecnq, Artau, and his family, over to his lieutenant, Kaswho spent the entire day torturing and murdering them before the other officials.


Eye of Vecna

Retrieved from ” http: This puts them in opposition to mainstream followers of Vecna who regard the Keepers as heretics, and makes them enemies of Ioun and her followers, who believe all knowledge should be available for everybody and the moral obligations on how to use it rest on the shoulders of the individuals involved. Originating in the World of Greyhawk campaign settingthe Eye appears as a small red pebble or shriveled grape.

Each position in Vecna’s cult is named for a certain body part.

The Hand grants superhuman strength. The Compendium Maleficarum is a book of spells, doctrines, and secrets crafted entirely from bone even the pages and penned in blood, that is on par with the Fragments of Vecna.

This section contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. Vecna’s role in the vecnaa edition Greyhawk eys was defined in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer Wearing the Hand permanently reduces the wearer’s Dexterity by 2, while the Eye reduces Charisma by 2.

They instead hunt down secrets and information they deem to be too dangerous for the world at large and keep it secret in the name of Vecna. At the top is Vecna himself, followed by the Voice of Vecna, which can only be filled by Vecna’s manifestation. After these events, Vecna ended up imprisoned in the demiplane of Ravenloftbut broke free again later, emerging with the power of a greater god, after absorbing the power of Iuz.

The Eye grants truesight and x-ray vision.