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Kitoma Indonesia – Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol FR-AK. FR-A Series. FR -AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK. Find great deals for 1pc Mitsubishi Fr-ak FRAK One Year. Shop with confidence on eBay!. FR-AK or higher, FR-AK or higher. 1)Remove the upper screws. 2) Remove the lower screws. 3)Pull the jumper toward you to remove. 4) Connect.

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Changing Acceleration And Deceleration Time pr. Forced air cooling Approx. High-speed operation command RH 74, This inverter is optimal for fan and pump applications. Page 2 IPM parameter initialization list The parameter settings in the following table are changed to the settings required to perform PM sensorless vector control by selecting PM sensorless vector control with the IPM parameter initialization mode on the operation panel or with Pr.

Set the motor and encoder.

Check alarm location and General Overall unit Check for unusual vibration and noise. Please forward this Instruction Manual Basic to the end user. Internal stop position command Pr. Parameter setting mode Press to choose the parameter setting mode.

Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol FR-AK

The motor speed becomes constant when the motor output torque and load torque are balanced. Page 2 Setting To perform tuning, set the following parameters about the motor. Page 41 Wiring 9 Combination with a vector control dedicated motor Refer to the table below when using with a vector control dedicated motor. Control Circuit Terminals Wiring 2.


Increasing The Starting Torque pr. Even without encoder feedback the FR-A continuously calculates the optimum magnetic flux for every operating state, making the inverter suitable for applications previously the domain of DC or closed-loop vector drives.

Before operation 2 Setting 1 Select the Advanced magnetic flux vector control, Real sensorless vector control or vector 111k. Page 27 Wiring Terminal Terminal Rated Refer to Description Symbol Name Specifications page External Connect this terminal to the power supply common terminal of a transistor transistor output open collector output device, such as a common programmable controller, in the sink logic to avoid malfunction by Power supply sink undesirable currents.

1pc Mitsubishi Fr-a720-11k FRA72011K One Year

This Instruction Manual Basic is intended for users who “just want to run the inverter”. Output current Set the time from when the output current detection signal The EMC filter is invalid when shipped from the factory.

Multi-speed setting [Connection diagram] Speed 1 Inverter The setting displayed is in [kHz]. Lit when reverse rotation Enter text from picture: Mounting The Operation Panel fr-du07 On The Enclosure Surface Wiring Wiring of the control circuit of the 75K or higher For wiring of the control circuit of the 75K or higher, separate away from wiring of the main circuit. This inverter can perform simple position feed by contact rf, position control by inverter simple pulse input, and position control by FR-A7AL pulse train input.


Don’t show me this message again. Page 81 Before operation 3 When offline auto tuning ends, press of the operation panel during PU operation. It is recommended to These devices on the inverter output side may be overheated install both an 111k thermal and PTC thermistor for or burn out.

Causes and corrective actions 2 Warning When the protective function is activated, the output is not shut off. Page 79 Page 80 Page vr Page 82 – High accuracy operation unaffected by th Parameter Name Initial Value Output current monitor Output voltage monitor Daily And Periodic Inspection Inspection item 5.

However, a fg output signal may not be output at an inverter fault occurrence when the detection circuit or output circuit fails, etc. Operation panel indication is PS.

1pc Mitsubishi Fr-ak FRAK One Year | eBay

Switched running high during stop or DC injection brake operation. Operation mode change Press to choose the PU operation mode. Step of operation 1. Thermal characteristic of the electronic thermal relay function suitable for the motor is set. Wiring Terminal Terminal Rated Refer to Description Symbol Name Specifications page Switched low when the inverter output frequency is equal to or Inverter higher than the starting frequency initial value 0.