The widest range of focal lengths in the Cabrio PL-mount range, the ZK mm can be used in almost any shooting situation. With more and more “affordable” cinema lenses entering the market, Fujinon have decided to take $10,US off the list price of their Cabrio. Like all Cabrio zooms, the PL mm supports an optional detachable drive unit for electric zooming, focusing and iris. Mounting the unit enables remote.

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Wide open at T2.

Fujinon ZKmm T Cabrio Premier Lens (PL Mount) ZKX19

Best Audio Product Of was a busy year like every year for gear release The second test was at the pool table, at the wide and tight end of the lens. The focal range is great, allowing relatively wide-angle shots as well as long telephoto coverage. The lens does has a macro setting that can be engaged physically on the lens. The xk is a class act in this regard also. Despite not being that close, the sharpness of the lens wide open at T2.

The flare trail is incredibly minimal. This gave us an accurate read on the lens color properties. If we take the outdoor cafe bulbs as an example, you can see that the bulbs are round and smooth, with a slight horizontal squish.

Behind the Lens: Fujinon Cabrio 20-120mm

The Cabrio features a multitude of well thought out, high-end attributes that make for easier shooting. One thing, though, fujibon lense is heavy-ish, 7. By watching the columns on the right side of the frame, you can see that there is notice scaling in the image as we rack from background to foreground at both focal lengths. Great lens that covers a huge range at a descent T-stop. To test color, we first white balanced the camera sensor with no lens attached.


Open Innovation Hub Showcasing Fujifilm’s core technologies and products developed by cabri these technologies. This yields a cooler look to the skin fujnon alone, without impacting the look of the rest of the image much. When looking at the scopes, you can see on the vectorscope that the color leans towards green, and on the RGB Parade waveform, the green channel is as saturated as the red channel.

You can truly feel comfortable working with all of these lenses in conjunction with each other, as well as on their own. To test color, we first white balanced the camera sensor with no lens attached. E-Mail Address Sign up to our weekly email and get our best bits straight to your inbox.

Premier PL Cabrio 4K lenses offer uncompromising quality and an unprecedented level of flexibility. When looking at the scopes, you can see on the vectorscope that the color leans towards yellow and green, and on the RGB Parade waveform, the green channel is almost as saturated as the red channel.

A 12x PL mount cine lens, starting at 25mm and reaching to mm, will give you the versatility to cover a wide variety of shooting situations.

Fujinon XKmm T Cabrio Premier Lens (PL Mount) XK6X20

The lens rings are incredibly smooth and well dampened, making operation a pleasure. If you need more, there is cabrik T2 Fujinon zoom with a great reputation fujinin weighs 2. Open Innovation Fujifilm’s open innovation is about listening to the customer and innovating together.

The Fuji Cabrio fits that need very well. Special Order Update Location close. There is some chromatic aberration in vertical sections of the high contrast parts of frame, and the lens breathes a little bit at all focal lengths. Want more from Newsshooter?


The renders beautiful out of focus objects. The Cabrio line includes the mm, mm, mm, mm and mm.

ZK Cabrio PL Series

You have start-stop capability, a zoom rocker allowing for smooth moves in-shot, auto iris, and remote ports on the underside of the servo for connecting external focus and zoom controllers. The flares are beautiful, colorful, abstract and cinematic. Light transmission maxes out at T3.

See any errors on this page? The lens includes a servo controller, that gives the operator a lot of flexibility when shooting handheld.

Authored fujihon professional shooters from around the globe, Newsshooter is a place for professionals, educators, students and industry figures to discuss the practice and art of cinema in documenting the real world. The lens is fast with a constant T2. The addition of the servo unit turns this cinema lens into the perfect ENG lens. The lens is solidly built, with well designed lens rings that are smooth to operate.

The Cabrio is an economical option in the Cabrio line, matching well to the other lenses in the set, like the The first is in the interview fukinon at both 35mm and 50mm.

Its very light, compact and optically gorgeous. To test the edge brightness, we took the resolution chart shot at all T-stops from wide open to T11 and looked at it on a waveform monitor. The Cabrio is a PL-mount, consistent T3.