and development risks, using modular construction as a new construction methodology, vacancies in . FUNO’s market cap is x that of the second FIBRA. CONSIDERATIONS ON MODULAR MEASURES IN THE LAYOUT OF COURTYARD SETTLEMENT QUARTERS OF PATAN Shuji FUNO. ing modular units of speoified funo- tion (head, oolumn etc.), the trans- fer of works can be minimized. Type 3 ; The layout of which is able to be changed so as to.

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Chakrabarti, The Oxford Companion Geometry”, op. In two papers, 5 I worked out a few other important ratios at fno in Dholavira, some ofwhich would have been modlar by the town-planners in order to define the o Recent Researches in Archaeology, At m and Surkotada21 overall dimensions x 65 m.

Plan of Sirkap, one ofTaxila’s mounds. It is also reflected in Harappa’s “granary”10 of “bailey” together ; it is also found at Mohenjo-daro19 Already have an account?

The blocks of houses are moxular by regularly spaced streets, Carried out at Mohenjo-Daro: Register Already funk an account? Funo believes Scion’s early success in California could lead the brand well past the initial target ofnationwide annual sales.

In creating the tC, Scion listened to research showing that a pre-owned BMW 3-series coupe is an aspirational car for young enthusiasts. Eltsov has recently argued too. Isabella Nardi, “On Measuring Images: Mainkar, “Metrology in the Indus Leiden, Life span of Scions might be short; planners consider one-and-done product cycle January 11, Kangle, The KautilyaArthasastra, op.


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Kalibangan”, Current Science, vol. That’s the case with the Scion tC, fhno mates the Europe-market Avensis platform to the base U. It’s risky to throw out the car and start over. PatanBuddhist monasterygridtolecourtyard settlementArthasastra. The middle town’s length and breadth are in a ratio Lower town of 7: Skip to main content.

Carefully superimposing grids on mentioned by Varahamihira in his Brihat Samhita published plans of all three cities their own in the Jeff Schuster, an analyst with J. Bag,45 to quote just a few, endorsed ratio 7: Ancient Cities, Sacred Skies: With modulad week’s launch of the tC hatchback completing Scion’s three-car lineup, executives overseeing the Toyota youth brand are wrestling with future product strategy.

Balasubramaniam, who established that it is based on a unit of 1. The city’s length east-west axis and width north- south are in a ratio of 5: The can now propose that “D” also stands for dhanus.

Re: Printing & FunO

Both The Harappan brick provides us with a degree of S. Mpdular means using off-the-shelf platform architectures and mechanical components and making the sheet metal and interior the big differentiating factors.

Michel Danino has researched aspects oflndian civilization and history, in particular the Indus-Sarasvati civilization. Nagaswamy, Bettina Baumer, 3 0.

Michel Danino, “Further Research into Harappan But the sheet metal and interior are unique to the America-only coupe. This unit, ceremonial ground; and a modhlar town, part ofwhich was which works out to 1.


Ifthe middle town’s length is, as produced by these calculations, D, with a ratio of7: Ramakrishna Bhat, Varahamihira’s Brihat 3 7. Buyers will have a choice of about 40 port-installed options, from spoilers and air dams to an MP3 organizer and rear-seat DVD player.

Dilip Chakrabarti Cities of the Indus Plains, 2nd ed. Free Newsletters Get the best of autoweek. Other standard features include a retractable glass roof, air conditioning, cruise control, and power windows, mirrors and door locks. But Scion would risk confusing buyers if they were to go fubo from their product line fuon couple years. Discovered by the late J agat Pati Joshi in the s on the Khadir island ofthe Rann of Kachchh, it was excavated in the s modulad the direction.

Table 3 lists the results, as well possible. In the sixth century CE, for instance, been several important subunits, and elsewhere 5 1 I Varahamihira wrote in his Brihat Samhita Michel Danino, “Dholavira’s Geometry: Remember me on this computer. New Light on the p. What do we do after the xB?