Title: The Gammage Cup: A Novel of the Minnipins Author(s): Carol Kendall, Elizabeth Enright ISBN: / (USA edition). A book about a few citizens of an imaginary village who dare to question some long-held but false beliefs in the community, and are ostracized as a result. Many of the Minnipins, particularly the overbearing Period family, are self- centered and greedy for the prize of the Gammage Cup; their actions to attain this goal.

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True, there are Hobbits named Bilbo and Frodo and Mungo, but none of these has the English associations that Kendall’s names do.

The Gammage Cup | HMH Books

Inside the mines the sword glows as a warning, and they hear tapping sounds. Round, rosy housewives, their brown-weave dresses gqmmage up, were scrubbing their doorstones or polishing the silver doorknobs on their watercress-green doors, while children were watering the flowers that grew around the family trees. Kid or adult, I think anyone can enjoy this tale.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Aug 20, Amber Scaife rated it it was ok. The Gammage Cup, by Carol Kendall, was a fun read with an undercurrent of a realistic message: They rush out to escape the flames and are defeated by the Minnipin army.

Well done, Carol Kendall!

This book was okay. There are a handful of free-thinkers who are kicked out of the village.


It’s not often that I find a jewel like this in my school readers! This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat It really is my favourite book; it never ceases, despite the fact that I have nearly memorized it, to make me laugh, to make my heart race, to sweep me up into the events and the characters’ lives. Dec 07, Shannan rated it it was amazing. How do these names fit in?

The Gammage Cup First edition. It is in the language and characters that the novel shines, however.

The Gammage Cup by Carol Kendall

The book has some problems, which I think are actually more pronounced because of the Newbery Honor sticker on the cover. I also had problems with the cover illustration. However, a lesson learned from Muggles, who could be described as the main character gammagd it focuses on her action more than any other, is that plainness and a desire to get right to the truth and the heart of the matter does not equal simplicity of mind.

Oct 02, Child rated it it was amazing Shelves: The main characters defy the town mayor in painting their doors pretty colors and are punished by being exiled from the town. And of being unwilling to accept new ways of thinking and doing things.

The Gammage Cup (The Minnipins, #1) by Carol Kendall

Walter the Earl brings an iron sword from the vault. Yet sometimes heroes turn up when they are least expected I am not usually big on setting, which might be another reason fantasy doesn’t tend to be my favorite, but kids who do focus a lot on the details of fictitious societies might not find enough meat here.


In many ways it is not an ordinary fantasy: Wow that is cool about sharing a special teacher with your daughter! Also, the Mushroom people, or the Hairless Ones, are making a return, long forgotten because Gammage defeated them many centuries ago.

Certainly practical, but not very imaginative. Incidentally, this short story also has a Walter Woodpecker. The original Blegvad drawings inside have quite a different look, but still not a lot of information.

The Minnipins devote their lives to making their towns look just like those pictures Fooley brought back, and cpu such they all have green doors and wear green cloaks.

I read this book as a kid and decided to listen to it again I didn’t have much else to do to keep me occupied during my hour shift.

Dec 06, Adrian Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story starts in a fictional valley named the Land Between the Mountains. There is some death, but no gory details.