The Gayatri (Sanskrit: गायत्री, gāyatrī) is a Vedic hymn personifying Hindu goddess Gayatri. According to I. K. Taimni, the power of the. I. K. Taimni (Iqbal Kishen Taimni, –) was a Professor of Chemistry at the Allahabad Gayatri; Glimpses into the Psychology of Yoga; Man, God and the Universe · Science and Occultism · The Science of Yoga: The Yoga Sutras of . Results 1 – 17 of 17 GAYATRI. La pratique religieuse journalière des hindous by I-K Taimni and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Each of these constituent letters which represents a particular sound possesses a certain power or potency which is inherent in it in the same 46 gayatr!

Gayatri: The Daily Religious Practice of the Hindus

Amit marked it as to-read Jul 01, The silent repetition is more effective than the loud but the purely mental repetition has the highest effect and is japa in the real sense of the gayahri. It is to be noted that it is he who puts in the energy in both these processes.

These conditions must be aimed at and provided as adequately as possible, if he is serious about the realization of his central aim. Broadly, therefore, gayatri may be taken as the metre of the mantra as a whole. When the memory of the past passes into oblivion leaving no trace through the inevitable process of time, we call the cause of the process Kdlagni or the Time-fire. Mystery of mysteries which remains to be unravelled by the illusion-bound man who knows not himself and his destiny.

It is true that many of these practices are based on the use and manipulation of inner forces and in manipulation of natural forces one has to keep in mind the conditions of the experiment and to conform to them in order to get the desired results. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Kskschandra marked it as to-read Sep 23, In fact, the more the disciple advances on the Path, the more he has to learn to be independent of his guru.


Sangeeta Patni marked it as to-read Aug 07, Know, O beloved, the Indestructible Gayatrl is the aim. But the limitations imposed on this consciousness by the lower vehicles are of such a drastic nature that there is hardly anything in common between the expressions on the lower and the higher planes.

The stretching of the bow to the utmost limit completes the second process. This accounts for the fact that our Rishis adopted and elaborated the art of symbolism.

Gayatri: The Daily Religious Practice of the Hindus by I.K. Taimni

As is well known, according to the philosophy of the Rishis who recommended the use of the Gayatri mantra in the daily religious practice of the Hindus, the whole cognizable universe is the external expression of a transcendent Reality which is beyond the senses and beyond even the scope of the intellect.

In their spiritual aspect which is above time and space they are all parts of the one Saguna Brahman, cells in His all-embracing transcendent consciousness.

There are many references and descriptions but the 86 GAYATRl following three will suffice to give the gayatrl some idea with regard to the magnificent conception which our Rishis have been able to put in words regarding Surya Narayana.

There should also be no difficulty in understanding why the Devata of the first Malta Vyahriti is Agni. It is not a call for something, for worldly objects, even for happiness. The difficulty of mentally setting a limit to knowledge concerning the superphysical planes is still greater because much of this knowledge can hardly be expressed through the crude medium of language.

This knowing can take place at three levels: But the vast majority of mantras do not belong to this class. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But generally, nothing of this sort happens.

Gayatri : The Daily Religious Practice of the Hindus

Only those who can know the effects produced by sounds and their combinations on all the planes arc qualified to construct mantras and pass them on to those who themselves are incapable of seeing these effects but can profit by the use of those mantras. It develops slowly with the use of earnest, prolonged japa and other elements of self-discipline which should accompany it.

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Such a light which is the result of a healthy functioning of the buddhic faculty can come from within only when the mind is sufficiently purified by righteous living and yogic self-discipline as pointed out in the Yoga-Sutras Lists with This Book. Nor is it necessary to have this degree of tremendous urge before taking up the practice of japa.

I aft I aff Gayatrk A brief outline of this philosophy may therefore be given here before we proceed further in our study. This preliminary training is a necessary part of all systems of spiritual culture. When the lower vehicles are dropped even the latter kind of limitations disappear and Videhamukti is attained.

In these cases the Devata of the mantra is that particular manifestation of Divine consciousness who administers that power. When manifestation takes place the 20 gAyatri primary differentiation is into Consciousness and Power or Siva taumni Sakti.

Full text of “Gayatri Taimni I. K. Adyar Library”

Sometimes when there is a great deal of impurity hidden within the lower vehicles the corresponding weaknesses may be thrown out on the surface and the sadhaka may actually feel a temporary increase of mental 18 gayatr! A scholar who has deeply studied science, philosophy and religion can acquire some knowledge with regard to the nature of Isvara and His functions in the universe.

There are thus many traditions paddhatis which are followed by different classes of Hindus in the most rigid manner as is the custom of all orthodox people. If the desires draw the sadhaka in different directions, 1 12 GAYATRI if the intuition does not approve of what the mind decides, there is bound to be inner conflict and disharmony and his mind would be like a chariot whose horses draw it in different directions.