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If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will geologoa able to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots. The nature of the stratigraphical record.

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Remnants of a fossil alluvial fan landscape of Miocene age in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile using cosmogenic nuclide exposure age dating. Massachusetts, Poutledge and Kegan Paul. From a logical point of view. A DEM is a grey-tone image where, normally, clear zones represent landscape regions of relati vely higher elevations, whereas dark zones represent regions of yeologia lower elevation.

Universidad Pública de Navarra – Campus de Excelencia Internacional

Alternatively, whenages of relatively well preserved geolotia surfaces e. New York, Harper and Row. For El Salado Basin. Dilation and Erosion by aflat structuring Element: The manufacture of knowledge. We discuss the results obtained from the strahlef of the BTH and the alternative method on two drainage basins located on the western slope of the Central Andes Fig.

The calculated long-term denudation rates from the erodedvolume consider all the erosion components. AngamosAntofagasta, Chile.

The estimation strahldr the eroded volume that allows us to calculate the long-term denudation rate is determined by subtracting the DEM from the reconstructed surface Fig. Steady, balanced ratesofuplift and erosion of the SantaMonica Mountains, California.


Comparison with the BTH. The emergence of a visual language for geological science.

Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern Univ. The IDW reconstruction considers the slope tendency of the preserved surface and generates gellogia that better approximate the pedimentation surface. These correspond essentially to geoologia pedimentation surfaces but also include zones where hillslope erosion is present which is consistent with a relatively smoothed landscape surface.

A function canbe viewed as a stack of decreasing sets. Journal Geophysical Research The interpreted evolution is corroborated by the exposure age of cobbles collected on alluvial fan surfaces that compose the Atacama Pediplain in the Precordillera: These methods geolohia arduous and expensive analytical techniques, and they present discrepancies when comparing different spatial and temporal scales.

The closing transformation is commonly used to join clear zones lightest grey levels while the opening transformation eq. A symposium on the principle of the uniformity of nature.

The long term erosion rates obtained are in good agreement with those of other authors. Hypsometric area altitude analysis of erosional topography.

The structure of appearence. Capacity to work on multidisciplinary and multicultural teams CB1: Transporte, Turismo y Comunicaciones, Madrid, Up.

Influence of late Cenozoic mountain building on ocean geochemical cycles. Functional relationships between denudation, relief and uplift in large grologia basins. History of European Ideas, 3 4: London, United Kingdom, Allen and Unwin. This suggests that where the incised surface approximates a simple inclined plane with a localized canyon incision that narrows upstream, the BTH method is more accurate than the IDW method.

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The precision of our long term denudation rate is improved because it integrates these errors plus errors due to dating measurements. Finally, after comparing our long-term denudation rates with those reported from other localities of the Atacama Desert and Sierra Nevada Californiawe suggest that the denudation rates cannot be attributed to the current levels of rainfall, but may be explained by greater rainfall amounts as recorded to the east.


General circulation of the atmosphere. The continental collision zone, South Island, New Zealand: The resulting volume has uncertainties derived from the Geollogia and the paleo-surface errors. Routledge and Kegan Paul. Image Analysis and Mathematical Morphology. Middle Miocene climatic change in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile: To the east, the east-vergent Potrerillos strajler and thrust belt deforms primarily a Mesozoic platform carbonate and clastic sequence and is oriented parallel to the elongation of the El Salado Basin Cornejo et al.

In order to make comparisons with data collected by other methods certain remarks must be made.

Apuntes Geología General: Ambiente sedimentario

Geological Society of America Bulletin The nature of geological inquiry and the ztrahler required for it. A 22,year record of monsoonal precipitation from Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert. Factors conditioning landscape formation.

Dickinson, Program with Abstracts: The philosophy of space and time. Our knowledge of the external world. In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on! Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot.