Gerpolek, gerilya-politik-ekonomi (Seri Djambatan klasik) [Tan Malaka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Military strategy for combating. It is the first extract of the booklet “The Partisan and his Military, Political and Economic Struggle” (GERPOLEK) written by Tan Malakka May when he was. GERPOLEK. (Chapters XI – XIII). Tan Malaka (). This cut down version of GERPOLEK is translated from the French, which is translated from the Dutch which.

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Or by partisans disguised as women who saunter in front of the eyes of the enemy soldiers while wriggling their behinds. It is only then that it will try actively to resist the enemy and that it will sacrifice itself to create a new society for its benefit and that of the following generations. It should be used with caution therefore but will be useful as a crib when a translation straight from Tam to English is done.

The first period, that of the victorious fighting, began on August 17, and finished gerpolekk March 17, The Indonesian workers, the peasants and small traders beginning must themselves take part in the development of plans for production, consumption and the exchange of goods. The aim of an imperialist war is: Through the property of most of the companies, minies, plantations, banks and means of transport, the Indonesian people could quickly have remedied their economic backwardness and have ensured a satisfying standard of living for everyone.

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This movement of freedom will culminate in a war of liberation. This knowledge is the result of a study which took me more than 3 years. All the territory of some 1, square kilometres of land and approximately 12 million square kilometres of seas was under the authority of the Republic. What is the basis of this division into two periods from a political point of view? Consequently, the conditions of existence for the people continually got worse, the fall of the currency causing a constant rise in the prices of the goods of basic needs food and textiles.

Already during negotiations, the Dutch secured the possession of almost all the plantations, factories and mines, as well as important ports. This war lasted approximately 7 years. Bayu Mccartney rated it it was ok Mar 03, In consequence of the diplomatic negotiations, all the important ports, such as Soerebaya, Batavia, Palembang and Medan fell into the hands of the Dutch.

The fight carried out by the people Indonesia since the proclamation of August 17, is not a war of conquest. The booklet of Tan Malakka was written for fighters in the partisan formations fighting since against the forces of the Dutch army in the Indonesian archipelago. During what revolution does one allow enemies or people with benevolent intentions towards the enemy, to enter and leave vital places for defence freely, like Malang-Cheribon?


If he has to be distant from this place for a longer period, he will have a powerful and devoted clandestine organisation. Is it possible to find the spirit of August 17, ? The power of the revolutionary upsurge has since then transformed United States of Indonesia into a single centralised Republic and today directly threatens capitalist property.

He admitted that ini. When he deals with the question of the UN. But the Dutch troops which were to replace the Malakw troops in Indonesia were not yet ready.

Gerpolek, gerilya-politik-ekonomi – Tan Malaka – Google Books

They did not receive any help for the 8 million guilders which they were to spend daily to maintain their army. But this war did not oppose two different peoples, but Anglo-Saxons with other Anglo-Saxons. Driven back by the threat of inevitable defeat, the government of the Gerpoleo transferred sovereignty to the United States of Indonesia and began to evacuate its maalka. The power of the Dutch in the field of the police force, the army, justice, finances and the Foreign Affairs should in these cases being sufficient to guarantee the defence and the development of industry, the gerpolei and finances which were in the hands of the Dutch and other foreigners.

All the roads were blocked by a thousand and one obstacles which made impossible any attack by the enemy on the people and the youth. These two movements are carried out as a single movement so to speak.

We will publish in this number all the first part which deals with the political problems of the Indonesian revolution. Indonesian Communist Party was divided into three groups. Sovereignty belongs, according to the Lingadjatti agreement, to the Tna crown; a dozen puppet States were created; almost all the plantations, the factories, mines as well as the means of geepolek and the banks will be restored the foreigners; almost all the mining riches are mlaka territories occupied by the Netherlanders; the Dutch army occupies part of Indonesian territory; the blockade of the Republic continues; the 5th column settles into the parties, the organizations, the army and the administration.

It is for this aim that the Indonesian Republic was proclaimed and created on August 17, To stop the profits running into the pockets of the enemy who would use these profits to cover his military expenditure; to lead on the other hand the peasants to increase production, the people must themselves gerpolekk enterprises which can produce the basic necessities. The Dutch would then come to demand political power gerpo,ek to, or almost to what they formerly had at the time of the existence of the Dutch Indies.


Software used Google Exif version 2. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. In short, no aspect of the life escapes his attention. The co-operatives are a powerful economic weapon, comparable to the polical weapon of a rifle or a grenade in the hands of a partisan. During the time when the war developed in our favour, the Dutch had neither time nor the opportunity to consolidate their economic positions. But the partisans who very few and are badly armed must simultaneously take account of the need for advancing and of withdrawal.

Again, in Sourabaja, Semarang, in Batavia and in Bandoeng, Pedang; Palembang and Medan, in Pontianak, Bandjermasin and Balikpapan, in Malassar and in other places ttan with their orders to the Indonesian workers who worked the factories and loaded the ships.

D Maalaka military question is urgent. In accordance with the agreements of Lingadjatti and Renville, the Dutch have the right to retake their possessions.

The promises made by the Dutch in the agreement of Linggadjati seemed very attractive.

I wish my comrades in combat, who know military questions better than me, to take the initiative in writing a work on the art of the war. Ran Book of Gerpolek. Pemikirannya tidak pernah out of date, melainkan selalu bisa kontekstual dari masa ke masa untuk bangsa ini. The co-operative in the economy is, finally a good and practical way to gain the harmony and to develop the spirit of mutual aidin the cities, the fields and the mountains.

He must draw the attention of his comrades to any negligence in the matter of loans or gdrpolek, and correct their faults in a friendly way. Not to give battle on open terrain. The wars of the first category are wars of conquest, those of the second of the wars of liberation. This booklet reached us in the Malayan language; the translation was made initially in Dutch, then in French.