Posts about GFMS Gold Survey written by RyanPomy. The estimates shown in the GFMS Gold Survey for the main .. to reach 1, tonnes, the highest since , at a notional dollar value of. THIS WEEK saw the launch of ‘Gold Survey ‘ by Thomson Reuters GFMS, the world’s foremost research firm focusing on precious metals.

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December 27 November 39 October 38 September 32 August survry Rising mine supply contributes to what GFMS terms the gold market “surplus” — the difference between combined mining and scrap supply and fabrication demand jewelry plus industrial uses.

This period in flat supply has broadly coincided with gold’s bull market. Last year was the first year in over a decade that gfmms hedging was positive, the producers in aggregate adding six tonnes to their combined position. Furthermore, the consultancy expects investment demand for gold to set a fresh all-time high of close to tonnes in Gold Bullion terms.

These help us understand how visitors use our websites so we can improve them. Most of the de-hedging — which contributed to the demand side — appears to have been done. Here are gols highlights: Europe, China, Thailand and the Indian subcontinent all saw growth in physical gold bar investment investors in North America, as Klapwijk pointed out, tend to prefer Gold Coins to Gold Bars. Klapwijk agreed such a case could be argued, and that many wealth investors interested in gold have probably already built their positions.

One attendee at the launch asked whether there might be a case for saying many western investors are now overinvested in gold. Investment demand for golx gold saw “an excellent performance” last year, Klapwijk told usrvey audience at the London launch of ‘Gold Survey ‘. But it advised short-term caution due to factors such as an apparent easing 2021 the eurozone debt crisis, which seems to have lowered expectations for a third round of quantitative easing QE3 in the US, the consultancy said in its Gold Survey report on Wednesday.


GFMS Research and Forecasts

GFMS points out there was a “secular increase” in supply from scrap, producer hedging and official central bank sales between and — a factor which it reckons contributed to the lackluster Gold Price during that period. Daily news email Go to ‘communications settings’.

New Gold Mining operations contributed 47 tonnes of supply, while Africa was the region that saw the bfms growth, increasing production by 51 tonnes despite its largest player, South Africa, seeing a five tonne drop. Hedging activity by miners can now only be a source of supply. Gold jewelry fabrication demand fell 2.

This was the second consecutive year-on-year fall for scrap survet. Despite this eastwards demand pull, though, GFMS expects gold jewelry consumption to fall again this year, citing high Gold Prices and a slowdown in global growth. Gold jewelry demand is expected to fall again Gold jewelry fabrication demand fell 2. BullionVault cookies and third-party cookies. Money Observer 6 August No, Bitcoin isn’t “new” gold. A key driver of Gold Investment, says GFMS, is likely to be ongoing loose monetary policies adopted by the world’s central banks.

Thomson Reuters GFMS cited fears over eurozone sovereign debt — specifically escalating concerns over Spain — and an interruption to the tentative recovery in the US economy that will force to Federal Reserve to carry out further monetary easing to drive gold higher. East Asia and the Indian subcontinent meantime saw scrap supply fall, told did the Middle East, surveu it dropped by over tonnes.


GFMS GOLD SURVEY – Gold seen hitting $2,/oz by year-end – The Bullion Desk

Fuel Cell Energy ‘Now Viable’. Learn about gold bullion coins and costs. Gold jewelry demand is expected to fall again. Editing by Mark Shaw.

Gold Investor Index 4 December Gold buying ‘cautious’ again. Worldwide gold mine production rose for the third year running in On the fundamental side, jewellery fabrication fell just two percent in despite high prices. golr

GFMS GOLD SURVEY 2012 – Gold seen hitting $2,000/oz by year-end

No, Bitcoin isn’t “new” gold. Jewelry consumption however “is still expected to remain above ‘s historically depressed level” says GFMS. Many of the factors expected to fuel survej interest this year — low or negative real interest rates and shaky equity markets — were present last year, Thomson Reuters GFMS said.

Gold Mining supply is expected to continue growing this year. A lot will depend on whether, as GFMS expects, the economic environment will continue to be supportive of Gold Investment, with negative real interest rates surveey fears of inflation prevailing in most parts of the world.

With Gold Prices rising, producers began to de-hedge, buying back positions and thus contributing to gold demand. Zurvey Cambridge economics graduate, he is a professional writer and editor with a specialist interest in monetary economics.

Money Observer 6 August