Globalization and Its Discontents has ratings and reviews. Renowned economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph E. Stiglitz had a ringside seat for. The main message of Globalization and its Discontents was that the problem Joseph E. Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics, is University. “Globalisation in is different from globalisation in ,” argues Nobel prize -winning economist Joseph E Stiglitz in Globalization and its.

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Applying the one-size-fits-all prescriptions of the Washington consensus, mostly designed to fight inflation in Latin America, to East Asian economies as a condition for financial help from the IMF seems to have been the wrong decision. Wikipedia articles with style issues from April All articles with jodeph issues Pages to import images to Wikidata. He clearly shows that it has not been a fair arrangement and that the World Bank and IMF have provided wrong policies, advice, and even bad loans.

Now, as I point out in my recent book Rewriting the Rules of the American Economythe rules of the game need to be changed again — and this must include measures to tame globalization.

The first time through was in This should’ve been titled, Globalization: That they made the problems of the countries they were trying to help, much worse.

Since Stiglitz tis the World Bank’s Chief Economist for 3 of the years about which he is writing, and therefore determined the Bank’s economic policy insofar as it sttiglitz coherent enough to have one, one would think that he must have been a party to any Washington Consensus. Views Read Edit View history. He criticizes its imperialistic ambitions, as displayed most recently in its insistence that it run the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility a lending facility for poor countries, whose management requires expertise on development that has not traditionally been the IMF’s comparative advantage.


A critique of the way that globalization had proceeded up tofocusing largely on the East Asia Crisis and Russian Shock Therapy.

The result of the rapid privatization, as favoured by the IMF, was that government monopolies became private monopolies, which were more inclined to abuse their monopoly position. Until the seating arrangement at the IMF table changes, the system will not change.

Published by Norton first published The other big issue with this book is that Stiglitz doth protest too much, as the poet once said. Democracy aids social stability, empowers the free flow of information, and promotes a decentralized economy upon which efficient and equitable economies rely.

The main message of Globalization and gllobalisation Discontents was that the problem was not globalization, but how the process was being managed. If you can’t find this email, please check your spam folder.

Local social, political, and economic considerations were largely ignored.

Review of Globalization and its Discontents

Well, as unresponsive as he portrays it most of the time, though there are the odd places where he acknowledges that Fund economists are also capable of intelligent professional debate. View all 4 comments. Makes me think twice jodeph what we hear from news and politicians. The theories which guide the IMF’s policies are empirically flawed. Here Stiglitz objections to IMF policy have mostly to do with the order and timing of the policies.

Particularly concerned with the plight of the developing nations, he became increasingly disillusioned as he saw the International Monetary Fund and other major institutions put the interests of Wall Street and the financial community ahead of the poorer nations. He is not a global pessimist, but a realist – and instead of placing him in a glohalisation box labelled ‘important contribution to the debate,’ we should listen to him urgently.

Globalization and Its Discontents – Wikipedia

Globalization and Its Discontents by Joseph E. Please disconttents, fetching the form. While it may have been necessary to close some banks, one should have recognized that good banks are institutions that have built up knowledge of their borrowers that could not easily be replicated, so that closing them was going to impose a long-term cost on the economy.


Please provide more details about your request. His thesis is quite simple: I found the section of the Asian Financial Crisis the most poignant because shortly after I finished the book I traveled to Bangkok, stiglirz epicenter of the crisis.

The North, EU and US achieved bilateral conventions called Blair House Agreement to circumscribe the regulations imposed on subsidization of agriculture, leading to the failure of Uruguay round and exposing developing countries to greater risk and volatility. This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic.

In the last parts of the book, Stiglitz makes some grave accusations when he implies that the IMF champions the special interest of the financial community. Trivia About Globalization and This approach seeks to minimize the role of government—arguing that lower wages solve problems of unemployment, and relying upon trickle-down economics the belief that growth and wealth will trickle down to all segments of society to address poverty.

But the biggest omission for me, is he looks at how the global south is hit hard by these policies, he doesn’t look at the flip side, that this is actually of benefit to the US he globaliastion the point that it’s good for financial interests, but not how this benefits the US more broadly.

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