Karameikos, in essence, traded ancestral lands for Traladara-an of autonomy. The Empire reco meikos’ claim to Ttaladara, now. Grand Duchy of Karameikos. The Grand Duchy of Karameikos. by George Hrabovsky. Karameikos is a heavily forested land bounded by mountains to the north which form its natural border. The Grand Duchy of Karameikos is perhaps the oldest defined setting of what would have later become the world of Mystara. As such.

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The Vyalia have pale skin, red hair and green eyes. There are extensive sections without any illustrations, charts, maps, or anything of the sort.

Karameikos is described as deeply forested flatlands and hills bordered gradn rugged mountains to the North. The other races within the lands include dwarf, elf, hin halflingand gnome.

Grand Duchy of Karameikos: Classic Basic/Expert D&D weekly 6.45-9.45pm.

The influx of trade helped introduce more advanced weapons including grznd mail, crossbow, ship design, agriculture 3 to 1 yieldand from the gnomes: I particularly liked the short adventure starters, arrayed in a nice progression from Basic to Master level.

Stefan Karameikosthe ruler, chose to be ducchy Grand Duke as a political signal to other nations that his nation has retained its ties to the Thyatian Empire, and that to invade Karameikos would therefore be to invade Thyatis. Consult with the game master before picking spells of fourth level and greater.

Having the chance to purchase a few titles from the glory days of my youth is certainly worth a few bucks. Some thirty years ago, a Thyatian Duke named Stefan Karameikos III traded his vast family fortune and homeland, the prosperous Duchy of Machetosto Emperor Thincol I for clear, autonomous title to what was considered the uncivilised lands of Traladara. Dwarf 2, Elf 2, Halfling 3, Clerics may use any d6 1-handed or d8 2-handed melee weapon, including the maul 2h blunt, d8 dmg, 10gp. A target shooting from an arrow slit is typically both invisible unless illuminated and has Very Good cover.


Despite the exploitative nature of many Thyatian nobles, who see the Traladarans as geand work resource to be used for maximum profit, Stefan has enforced many laws to ensure Traladaran equality. Modules Explicitly Set in Karameikos. The people, now calling themselves karamejkos Traladarans, then founded a nation of loosely allied, small communities in the deep woods.

Optionally, a human can be from a nomadic folk or Dorine.

A rare few might come from the flying city of Serraine. There are abundant humanoid races including goblinoids and gnolls and there are many sylvan races including satyrs, pixies, brownies, ducjy. Languages The commonly spoken language throughout Karameikos is Traladaranwhich until recently did not have a written form. Steam Works is essentially post-industrial revolution technology using grane power of steam. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

The largest section of the book is devoted to NPCs.

Inscription Membres Meetup, connectez-vous. Hin Halfling – A hin will most likely come from their homeland of Five Shires. Thyatian would be equivalent to Common, as garnd is spoken by several surrounding kingdoms. Each other race has their own language.

The secrets in creating the intense heat to build the steam is a closely guarded secret. The Vyalia are remnants of grandd older race of wood elves living on Brun since the time when the first elves left their southern realm.

D&D Classics Review: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos | The Learning DM

Naturally humans are the most populas race devided between the indigenous Traladran [Wallachia, Transylvanian, Gypsie] and the conquerers the Thyatians [Byzantium, Roman, German]. Max hit points at level 1, normal roll thereafter.

The Empire of Thyatis conquered these lands roughly years ago, under the concern that another nation could perhaps develop these lands and use it against the Empire. There are broad patches of rich soil, especially beside the broad Highreach River where farming is good. There is also cultural struggle between the native Traladaran people and the new Thyatian settlers trying to build Karameikos into a powerful nation. Interestingly, the hin speak the surrounding common tongue, and as such all hin that originate from Five Shires will speak their own dialect of Thyatian.


Human – A human will be from either the imperial Thyatian rulers or a peasant Traldaran native. The book describes the feudal nation of Karameikos, designed to be a good starting place for player characters.

Karameikos is ruled by King Stefan Karameikosa Thyatian who gained rulership over the nation in AC by trading his ancestral lands, the Duchy of Machetos, to Emperor Thincol of Thyatis in exchange for autonomous rulership over the Imperial Province of Traladara. Home About Books Essentials Adventures.

At level 9 Thieves may make an off-hand dagger attack at -4 to hit in addition to a 1-handed weapon attack. Often, getting a good hook was the hardest part of making a new adventure. I’ll definitely need that sweet platemail! Other foreign currency is wildly accepted as well.

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