Guhyasamaja Sadhana – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ~ Tibetan Buddhist teachings, commentaries, sadhana, visualisations and discussion forum for initiates worldwide. Guhyasamaja is a highest. This Is a book written by shri yogeshwaranand ji on Baglamukhi Sadhna. He is a writter of several books on tantra, mantra aughar anusthan, saraswati, durga.

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Our personal gross concepts we have to learn. To consider phenomena as totally non-existent is not meditation. At the energy-channel of my left shoulder and of the nature of it is a blue Takkiraja with a Ratnasambhava crowning his head. My motherly consort is blue Guhyasamaj, with an Akshobhya adorning the crown of her head. My intestines are the strands of jewels and my sinews are the half-strings of jewels. The energy-winds now are getting grosser, so they are emerging from this clear-light state.

On the upper part of their bodies, they guhyaeamaja draped with heavenly garments and on the lower part girded with heavenly silks.

So all the preliminaries are an initial cleansing of obstacles and hindrances and building up some positive force so that the initiation or empowerment can, in a sense, awaken and stimulate the Buddha-nature potentials. Rays of light from sadhaa concentration being at my heart with us in union as mother and father bring forth Akshobhya surrounded by the ten wrathful guhyaszmaja. In a sense, body, speech, and mind have been developed to the enlightened stage.

What Is Guhyasamaja Practice?

At my heart is a MAM, the nature of my bodys entire element of water, which transforms into a blue Mamaki with an Akshobhya crowning her head. Having ripened your mind-stream with pure empowerments and developed on your mind the profound path of vajra yoga, you achieved mastery on the path of attaining Buddhahood through forceful guhyaxamaja. Vajra-Breathing Could you say a few words about the vajra-breath practice in the Guhyasamaja system?


And he suggested that I study it with one of the retired abbots of Lower Tantric College because he was living in Dalhousie, where I was staying in the very beginning of my stay in India.

Sadhana and Seva -? All of these eight goddesses also have their hair half tied up in a knot. The main and encircling Akshobhyas having been requested in this way, the hosts of emanated Mamakis and called-forth Akshobhya-deities go into union, preceding this with mutual displays guhyasaamaja affection. And if you want to practice the dissolution process, Guhyasamaja presents the most detail on it in the generation guhyasamaaj as well.

In the7Northeast is green Rasavajra. So from an Indian point of view, Krishna with the cow maidens and so on is as real as King Ashoka.

Nagatomi, a Japanese professor, suggested that I study the Guhyasamaja system for my doctorate dissertation and write about it. Sadhana words from YB – words shared They instantaneously bring forth a host of Amitabha-deities, Vajra-speech, filling all of space.

From their natural abodes, father and mother buddhas, in order to tame sentient beings, produce Akshobhyas from the bodhichitta of their sitting in union.

He and a team of translators have been working on this much desired text and it is now finished.

O Amoghasiddhi-vajra, complete Enlightened Buddha, you who fulfill every thought, you who have arisen from the very nature of purity I prostrate to you, O Vajra-minded One. To my eyes comes Kshitigarbha; to my sadhama Vajrapani; to my nose Khagarbha; to my tongue Lokeshvara; to my heart Manjushri; to my secret organ Sarvanivarana-viskambhini; to my joints Samantabhadra; and to the crown of my head Maitreya.

Explicit meanings drang-don or Implicit meanings nges-don Metaphorical dgongs-can or Nonmetaphorical dgongs-min Conventional language sgra ji-bzhin-pa or Nonconventional language sgra ji-bzhin-pa min-pa. The supporting Guhyasamaja mandala and its supported deities dissolve into me.

The front, back, right and left sides of my body are the four corners of the mandala.

Red is sadana the glow of sunrise or sunset. I mean, there are some incredible things in this system if you really study it in depth. You can guhyasanaja it into the five-stage practice. Having seen that this life is impermanent like a bubble and that samsara has no essence like a hollow plantain tree, I make requests at your feet, O Venerable Guru, supreme guide to lead beings to liberation.


Hooked by my stare, a second Sumbharaja comes before me to receive my command.

Guhyasamaja Sadhana – [PDF Document]

And then even better, even more difficult: Let me begin by telling you a little bit of the history of my own involvement with it. In the centre of them is the main Amitabha sitting with Pandaravasin and in front of whom comes a duplicate of myself. guhyasmaaja

And just as an example of the emphasis on the method side: Initially this will represent the London Guhyasamaja group but could grow to promote groups around the world. They also include the primitive concepts of various forms of feeling like doing something or wanting to do something, like to eat something, embrace someone, gather possessions.

This may not be read by anyone without empowerment or reproduced without permission. In the prime of their youth, they enjoy the pleasures of the five desirable sensory objects. So the mental activity or consciousness is withdrawing — in other words, it has less and less of a solid basis or foundation — and eventually we get down to the clear-light level.

This particular document comes from Tushita Retreat Centre, Dharamsala. This clear-light mind automatically is nonconceptual. In his heart on a moon-disc seat is a blue five-spoked vajra, inside the centre of which is a blue HUM, a concentration being, ever blazing like a butter lamp, like a great globe of light to eliminate the darkness of ignorance.