Boonstra H et al., Abortion in Women’s Lives, New York: Guttmacher , >. References: · pdf. [4] Guttmacher Institute, Laws affecting reproductive health and rights: from

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A guide for peer educators, teachers and trainers’ Facts. Results Table 2 displays frequencies of focal study variables in the dpibs,and surveys. Dennis Herrera, et al.

An Overview of Abortion Laws

Subsequent multivariate analyses treated as the reference category, representing differences before and after the legislation. If you give us your email we can send you our press releases. City of Baltimore Ordinance 09— Dec. Model 1 in Table 3 improved upon those baseline estimates by including a variety of indicators of partisanship.

An important component of this study was to investigate whether the findings may be directly attributable to the and legislation. Coverage by Private Insurance: Many clinics are regularly visited by protestors; politicians and other public figures routinely condemn abortion as murder; and many religions forbid abortion.

In two investigations, the centers that did discuss contraceptives provided inaccurate information about the failure rate of condoms and their permeability to STDs, as well as misinformation about the harmful effects of hormonal contraceptives.

This study was funded by an anonymous, private foundation. Less is known about whether that political activity has extended to public opinion on abortion in Texas, especially in the national context of increasing partisanship.

Change Over Time in Attitudes About Abortion Laws Relative to Recent Restrictions in Texas

Table 1 Houston Area Survey sample characteristics by year. Misinformation About Contraceptives and Condoms Clinics that offer pregnancy tests are well positioned to provide information about contraception and STD prevention to a sexually active clientele.

Laws that seek to influence women’s decision making through requirements such as waiting periods and mandatory information are blunt instruments that target all women uniformly, instead of focusing on the women who may be in need of additional support for their abortion decision.


She explained that protesters would regularly attempt to discourage patients from entering the clinic by addressing them, giving them antiabortion materials and presenting graphic signs. The negative outcomes associated with unintended or unwanted pregnancy are well documented. Americans United for Life,pp. The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at Contraception.

Similar to trends in support for legal abortion, views on gay adoption were split with some change across survey waves yet did not reach levels spbi_oal statistical significance. Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. As state legislatures in Texas and across the US make it increasingly difficult for women to access abortion and facilities to provide it, public support for legal abortion has grown. A Matter of Justice. Political polarization in the American public.

Open in ztatecenter separate window. As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. Lin V and Dailard C, Crisis pregnancy centers seek to increase political clout, secure government subsidy, Guttmacher Report on Public Policy, 5 2: During the study year, 4, abortions were sought by women who reported believing in God or a higher power.

As of March26 states had a waiting period for abortion, 26 mandated the content of information provided before spibb_oal abortion and 37 required parental involvement for minors; 3 increasingly, states require s;ibs to conduct an ultrasound and offer women a chance to view the image before an abortion can be performed. Impact of clinic closures on women obtaining abortion services after implementation of a restrictive law in Texas. Marcell, Lainie Rutkow, Stephen P. ITCV calculations, though, supported the robustness of the effect of the legislation on abortion attitudes.

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Changing frameworks in attitudes toward abortion. Multivariate analyses were conducted in Stata Acknowledgment The authors thank the executive director and director of counseling of the participating clinic for sharing the data from the needs assessment forms and their interpretations, and stwtecenter clinic staff members who abstracted the data.


Campaigns Abortion Robot delivered abortion pills to 3 women in Belfast. Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol.

Share Facebook Twitter Email. What Does the Psychological Research Say? Zabin LS et al. At some centers in Maryland and New York, staff have advised women that abortions are legal throughout pregnancy and told women they can take their time to decide whether to undergo an abortion.

A Literature ReviewNew York: Please note that during the production process errors may be discovered which could affect the content, guttmahcer all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain.

It also required abortion facilities to meet ambulatory surgical center ASC standards and physicians to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles. The problematic practices of crisis pregnancy centers could also be addressed through public education. Teenagers, on average, take longer to suspect pregnancy than statedenter older women; teenagers, poorly educated and poor women take longer than older, better educated and higher income women to confirm a pregnancy once they suspect one.

Those ages account for 33 percent of abortions and have an abortion rate of Texas Department of State Health Services. A slight but steady majority favors keeping abortion legal. Support Center Support Center. As in most non-experimental studies, these results are not causal but a number stqtecenter steps were taken to increase confidence in them.

The majority of teenagers who visit clinics to get a pregnancy test are not pregnant. Impact of a confounding variable on the inference of a regression coefficient.

Sinceat least five municipalities have enacted laws in an attempt to regulate allegedly misleading or deceptive practices of crisis statecentfr centers.