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Subject: Amendment in Para of HBP v.1, In exercise of powers conferred under Para of the Foreign Trade Policy, , the Director General. Subject: Amendment of HBP Vol I (RE )/ In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph of the Foreign Trade Policy. Para of the Hand Book of Procedure Volume 1 (HBP v1) permits Policy Circulars earlier issued in terms of Para of HBP are also.

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The Dollar Business Bureau – Apr 25, Total export obligation would be re-fixed taking into account total of duty saved.

I — for benefits on exports made on or after 1. Amendment in Para 8.

The aforesaid provisions for Clubbing of EPCG Authorizations shall be applicable for authorizations issued on or after This will be deemed to have come into effect on 5. Amendment in Hand Book of Procedures Amendment to Paragraph 2. Postponement of the date of operationalisation of Public Notice No.

I, RE regarding import of samples. Advance Authorization for export of an item which is otherwise prohibited for export. Amendment in the Public Notice No. If a merchant exporter is EPCG authorization holder, name of supporting manufacturer shall also be indicated on shipping bills. While calculating Average Export Obligation, following types of exports even if made in the preceding 3 years will not be taken into account: Mono cartons to be treated as primary level packaging of export consignment of pharmaceuticals and drugs.


Amendments in Appendix 4 of Hand Book of Procedures Amendment in paragraph 3.

Applicability of provisions of Para 2.20 of HBP

Such first extension in EO period can be for a maximum period of 2 years. Introduction of new Para 3. Amendment bhp Hand Book of Procedure Vol. Clubbing shall not be permitted in case authorizations are issued by different RAs. Amendment in Para 8. Maintenance of Annual Average Export Obligation. Incorporation of a new provision as paragraph 4. Similarly, if EPCG authorization holder has utilized authorization less than the value earmarked in authorization, his export obligation shall stand reduced on pro-rata basis with reference to actual utilization of authorization.

In the revised edition of HBP vol. Additional Port of Registration under E. Amendment in para 5. Trade in Border Haats across the border between Bangladesh and India. Amendment in chapter 2 of the Handbook of Procedure Acceptance 2009-1 installation certificate under EPCG scheme by the RAs wherein installation certificate is submitted beyond 18 months.


Reasonable wastage, if any, anticipated 20009-14 the time of installation of capital goods will also be certified by the Chartered Engineer in the nexus certificate and the same would be mentioned in the condition sheet of the EPCG authorization at the time of issue.

Amendment in paras 2. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback. Public Notice File No: Subscribe to the Daily 2090-14 Subscribe. Amendments in the Handbook of Procedures Vol. Amendment in the description of Import Item No.

DGFT Public Notice No. 63/ | Amendment in Appendix 37A of HBP vol I 14

Amendments in Handbook of Procedures An EPCG authorization holder may, source capital goods from a domestic leasing company. Extension of date for filing applications for TRQ on Maize. Clubbing of two or more EPCG authorizations issued w.

The Firm comprises of a team of Corporate Lawyers and Company Secretaries with in-depth subject matter knowledge and participative industry experience of over 15 years. Corrigendum to Public Notice No. Amendment in paragraph 2.