Editorial Reviews. About the Author. MaryJanice Davidson is the New York Times bestselling Betsy, Queen of the Vampires, and her new hubby, Sinclair, head off to New York for their Honeymoon. When they arrive they discover it’s no. Three all-new paranormal stories of lust, laughter, and love from the New York Times bestselling author, including an original novella featuring Undead. Buy a cheap copy of Dead Over Heels book by MaryJanice Davidson. Betsy, Queen of the Vampires, and her new hubby, Sinclair, head off to New York for.

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Undead is a paranormal romance book series that is written by MaryJanice Davidson and davidsin through Berkley Books. These Well, I was mistaken thinking I had to read this before reading the Undead series of book 5 but it turns out that the novella for Betsy happens after book 6. Anorielt rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Jenn Holum rated it really liked it Mar 15, Jodi rated it it was ok Oct 14, Undead and Unstable was published in The three stories in this amazing book are hilarious.

However, her friend Jessica and Jessica’s boyfriend Nick unexpectedly tag along.

Dead Over Heels

Feeling an unfamiliar, somewhat unwelcome urge to marry before her birthday, Cain approaches her lifelong friend Saul to help her search for a mate.

Instead we have a television survivalist who has all the survivalist instincts of a banana who is stranded in the middle of the ocean and happens to meet a mermaid. Undead and Unwed is the first adventure of Elizabeth Anne “Betsy” Taylor in the Undead series after her transformation into a vampire. She feeds him with her blood to make him davidzon and Jessica teaches him different things such as crocheting.


Three story anthology by Mary Janice Davidson. It’s a light, fluffy, giggly read that you can zip through in no time.

Before finding Laura, Betsy is frustrated by not knowing enough and resolves to read the Msryjanice of the Dead, a holy relic for vampires analogous to the Bible. Paul is sending frantic e-mails alerting Betsy to her half-sister’s increasingly erratic behavior.

Sbboys rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Please try again later. The Wyndham story is the best but none of the stories are particularly memorable.

Surviv Undead and Wed: The book received reviews from Kliatt[17] Booklist[18] and the Daily Mail. December 31st, Home Log in! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saul starts setting Cain up on dates but they are each a disaster Cain thinks Saul is sabotaging her future.

Dead Over Heels by MaryJanice Davidson | : Books

So I found some things out before I wanted to I’m a big fan of “the guy who’s right for her is right under her nose” stories. During the shooting of an episode in the ocean, Con is left stranded in a row boat after a sudden storm separates him and his film crew. When a child is murdered and the culprit is obviously a vampire, Betsy and Sinclair’s dreams of a honeymoon of bedded bliss turns nightmarish as they hunt for an unexpected killer. Those who find “woman who thinks she’s ugly finds guy who thinks she’s hot” stories to be appealing will probably enjoy that aspect of this story.


Anyway, cute and fun. Werewolf Cain finds herself racing the clock to find a mate before her thirtieth birthday. Eric is hurt she doesn’t tell him earlier and goes back to his room which causes Betsy to point out that he hasn’t fully committed to their relationship.

REVIEW: Dead Over Heels (Anthology) by MaryJanice Davidson | The Good, The Bad and The Unread

I spent the next two weeks catching up with all the Undead books that were out to that point and then anxiously waiting for her to write more. Shreyasi rated it liked it Jul 27, Aside from all of this she has vampire servants who work for her and a hostage wild vampire dubbed George the Fiend. Paul with her family. Maryjnice attributes the popularity of the series to the absurdism, tone, and believability of the characters.

Undead (series)

Betsy and Sinclair are finally married and on their honeymoon. Nick and Jessica are also there.

Betsy also discovers that she has a half-sister, Laura, who is the Antichrist fated to take over the world. I really hope we see more of Cain and Saul in future books.