Heresies of Westcott & Hort – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Brooke Foss Westcott () John Anthony Hort () On the other side, their opponents have leveled charges of heresy, infidelity, apostasy, and. Meet the men whose disbelief compelled them to change the Bible – Wescott and Hort. See the heresy in their own words, and why they were determined to.

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It is, one can hardly doubt, the beginning of a new period in Church history. Maurice, the son of a Unitarian minister was heretical. The Testimony of a scholar who worked on the introduction to the New American Standard Version and was also on the board of translators of the Amplified Version.

As a member of the comittee in the production of the Amplified New Testament, we conscientiously and honestly felt it was a mark of intelligence to follow “Westcott and Hort. These two Cambridge scholars rose up, ostensibly to defend the faith from the attacks of destructive critics in the mid 19th century.

The Chapter Headings were not in the original essay. Hort was an apostate. My critics should know that the very purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the deviant thinking of Dr.

Gorham properly rejected the doctrine of baptismal regeneration. And as a mere matter of prudence, it seems to me questionable to set up a single broad conspicious target for the philistines to shoot at, unless there is some very decided advantage to be gained. We have successfully resisted being warned off dangerous ground, where the needs of revision required that it should not be shirked.

At 48 years of age we find that strange mysterious antagonism to the Atonement still manifesting itself. He did this by indicating that the actual Word of God, was too difficult for Eve to understand. God help us to be more cautious, lest we fall into the snares of the arch deceiver.


About the matter of the Atonement, we must all feel that it lies in a region into which we can have only glimpses So far as those who are accepting version after version are concerned, their grasp of Bible truth is being swiftly shattered, as they allow in their minds and ministry the plan of the occult to succeed. Even the Bible Societies, in a frantic effort to disassociate themselves with the increasingly discredited theories and Greek text of Westcott and Hort, cannot avoid the baneful influence of their thinking.

The Thinking, Theories and Theology of Drs. Westcott and Hort

The mad rush to translate our modern versions and paraphrases into scores of other languages has and will do more to hasten the downfall of America and all nations that are in westott manner deceived, than any other single event.

We find him as a young man submitting himself and his thinking to the verdict of Maurice on the most important doctrines. Instead of this we find them so often at variance with each other, that the scholar who trusts their testimony must be quite bewildered. The English people secure in their trust that these men would take care of attacks on the Scripture; unknowingly accepted the public utterances, and writings of men who boasted between themselves that they held doctrine that would be considered dangerous heresy.

Greek New Testaments such as these produced most of the modern English translations of the Bible we have today. Hhort strange mental adjustment must be made on the part of those who follow Dr. It is one thing to have doctrinal differences on baby-sprinkling and perhaps a few other interpretations.

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I will arrange it so that they will refuse outright an open discussion or debate on the subject, and eventually with their conscience finally quieted, and seared will go on defending and teaching the very errors ahd which they will have become guilty. Part two of this subject, if the Lord enables, will deal with the thinking of Dr.

We gaze with proper disdain at the scores of competing English versions, and prayerfully wonder how any true Christian should publish or trust such corruption of the Word of God.

Westcott and Hort

Hort to a friend. Either Hort deceived the Bishop or the Bishop himself was also heretical concerning the Atonement. There is no escape.

If indeed it were as Hort supposed that being nearer to the original writings these were more accurate, then the most elementary scholarship would rightly expect to find the two Mss. See statement about baptism, page Here we have the hidden background for the modern spreading rejection of the King James Version.

Hort may be more than a little concerned as his off speak for themselves concerning his doctrine, westcoyt of life, and purpose. The writer contends that their personal correspondence reveals doctrines that are blasphemous in regard to the atonement, and to humanity.

A careful investigation reveals that when the quote is pursued the contentions of the essay remain essentially sound. Katherine on the slopes of Mt. This seems to be a polite way of saying that Hort lied.