After being expelled from any number of schools, year-old Martin winds up at Edgeview, a publicly funded boarding school and a last-chance alternative. Books: Hidden Talents, David Lubar fanfiction archive with over 1 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Hidden Talents is the debut young adult novel by writer David Lubar. In this novel , Martin Anderson arrives at Edgeview Alternative School where he has been.

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Jun 28, Becky Birtha rated it liked it Shelves: Now I’ve purchased it for my own daughter to read. I liked the pieces of writing assignments, letters, and internal memos between each chapter – they added a little more to the story mostly the subplot of the town wanting bidden shut down Edgeview.

Hidden Talents

Later on in the book one of them is going to find out that his friends have hidden powers,he is going to try to convince them but they won’t listen to him. End of the line. The book itself is written in a very interesting way – the snippets of conversations, memos between teachers and admins, and excerpts of letters from other characters give another dimesion to the ones we follow throughout the story.

Davis, and immediately offends him by making comments he cannot seem to control.

: Hidden Talents (): David Lubar: Books

So I wanted to see what they were talking about. He doesn’t have powers, he is just cruel. Above all, I love the “Why I nidden being me? Then, when Torchie convinces the others they can trust him, Martin is invited to join the group on their weekly escape into town.


It looks like there is a second book in the series which I have to go to the library to check out. I’m sure he had all sorts of wisdom to share with me.

Unlike the smile, this was an honest expression. The kids in this book have really When no other school will take you … you end up at Edgeview Alternative. He explains how helpful the school really is, but that there are some students that are much more violent and cruel lbuar the rest of them that make it hard for the kids who want to change.

However, they learn that the inspectors want to speak to a single student about the school and they have chosen Martin. Martin has been expelled from a lot of other schools f I read the book Hidden Talents by David Lubar. When the boys learn that the school is about to be inspected and might close, they decide to use their talents to help the school pass inspection despite Bloodbath’s intent to blow the inspection.

Then I hopped to the ground before he could grab me. But it wasn’t all that cold for the beginning of January, and Mom wasn’t around. They didn’t pay any attention, but then I went and finished it today. Simple books just translate universally so well. He discovers he to hiddfn a psychic power at the end of the book. Each character has an important role to play. The story is told in much detail, as Martin meets and scornfully j I have my local children’s librarian to thank for steering me to Hidden Talents — a story of life at an alternative boarding hivden for boys of junior-high age who have been kicked out of more traditional schools for their unacceptable behavior, which includes stealing, bullying, setting fires, cheating, and general destructiveness.


He can see into people’s hearts, their worst fears and their greatest dreams. Hidden Talents is a novel of bullies, of lhbar, and of growing up that will both entertain and inspire its readers.

When Martin first gets there he makes friends with his roommate, Torchie, a kid who is constantly talrnts of setting fires. ANYWAYS, my only complaints about this book was that it was too short but it’s written for a younger audience and for the length of the book, it took too long to get to the actual meat of the thing. Would you like to tell us ulbar a lower price? Or this quote, that reminds me of that one friend who is always lipping off to the teacher and getting detentions, “Make that a weeks detention.

Copyrights Hidden Talents from BookRags. This book is very relatable for everyone who has ever felt like they did not fit in somewhere. Of the kids, Bloodbath is a terror, as are his cronies, but Martin’s roommate, “Torchie,” is nice enough, although he constantly denies starting the fires that flare up wherever he goes. I read this book when I was in middle school. Sep 12, HeidiS.

Hidden Talents by David Lubar | Scholastic

To ask other readers questions about Hidden Talentsplease sign up. He could probably crumple me up like a used tissue and still keep one hand on the steering wheel. His suit smelled like dusty mothballs.