Alex MacLeod’s virile physique, fearsome reputation, and renowned fighting skills have helped him master to perfection the role of a hardened mercenary. Read “Highlander Unmasked A Novel” by Monica McCarty with Rakuten Kobo. Alex MacLeod’s virile physique, fearsome reputation, and renowned fighting. Another Scottish historical fantasy from Monica McCarty.

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Do you feel the angst yet??? Jan 07, Claudia rated it really liked it Shelves: Which is why Meg was on her way to Edinburgh to attend the court with her mother Rosalind. Dougal uses Meg as leverage to get Alex to surrender mccaryt him. I think the moment was lost with all the romantic hoo-haw.

Highlander Unmasked

But when Alex and his men come upon Meg Mackinnon and her mother, surrounded by bandits and losing the fight, he can’t help but step in with his men. I’m so disappointed in this book that I don’t feel like reviewing it. He hates court and its jaded dualities like no other. Aug 28, Calpurnia rated it liked it Shelves: Even though he has shaved and cleaned up, she recognizes him as one of the outlaws that saved her.

But it happens so much that you just want to throttle them. He’s bighlander, charming and the brother of the MacLeod’s chief. Bed her and un-enthusiastically ask her for her hand in marriage under duress and out of duty. But there’s a lot to this book. Persuade her that she HAD to marry someone else but a few minutes later he slept with her anyway.

But man, it just fail to deliver. I think I liked the plot and the pacing a little more than the first in the series. I liked the courtly intrigue and the musings of Edinburgh the new road constructed between Holyrood Palace and the Castle.


Now, he wants to colonize Lewis Island because he thinks there are riches to be had on the island. That was a completely moronic thing to do. From the Paperback edition. There is only one more MacLeod it could be about. Kissing and touching were good but Meg decided she needs to make up her mind.

Highlander Unmasked by Monica McCarty – Penguin Books Australia

As he begins the cleanup, Jamie sends a letter saying that Meg has a fever and may not live. Alex can’t stand unmaskde see her being courted, and Meg can’t stand to not know what Alex is really up to. She goes home and her father explains about his mission, and she realizes he did what he did to protect her.

Your subscription to Read More was successful. Alex pretends to be a mercenary with no loyalties, yet he is clearly much more.

Meg Mackinnon and her jccarty were rescued by a band of outlaws – one of which had striking features and she knew he would never forget him.

Anyway, Jamie visits Dunakin to propose to Meg again.

In the meantime, Rory came to the court with Isabel. But in doing so, they’ll likely become traitors, because they went against the king. Alex will go to court and Holyrood to try to act like he is a sword for hire and to get information on when the king plans to send the men who will colonize the island…. He’d rather hurt Meg by pushing her away or rejecting her than to give up his mission.

Highlander Unmasked : A Novel

But I think after a while I sort of got tired of the back and forth with Meg. Living as a warrior also changed his ways. This is the driving force behind Alex and his actions. Unfortunately not a single man at court has impressed her as the one to fill the position and she doesn’t trust a one of them. On their way to court, they are ambushed by brigands and one grabs Meg but she fights him which only makes him angrier so he tries to kill her but out of nowhere, a group of men who look like outlaws, unmaskdd Meg and her mother from the brigands.


Having been to Edinburgh and to the Palace and Holyrood Park I enjoyed the descriptions of the sites and it was nice having an actual visual of unmasoed locations. After that it was full of action when Meg got hurt. She knew marrying Jamie would be highlsnder best choice but Alex was always on her mind. Even after they spend the night together, he’s still pushing her away. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book.

Alex had some suspicions that Meg and her mother was meant to be murdered when one day Meg was attacked. I know why he did and so did Meg but after the almost unmaxked ‘I don’t highlande you’ ‘I’m not the man for you’ and ‘I can’t marry you’ etc I wanted him to say sorry.

He made Meg believe he loved her. Looking for beautiful books?

Since it was already night, they stay on Lewis. Growing up in California there was always plenty to do outside, but all too often I could be found inside curled up with a book or two or three. The spark is not there.

Jamie was absent from the court when she met Dougal, not knowing what he did to Alex.