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The HP nc features powerful new Intel® Core™ Duo or Core™2 Duo processors enabling simultaneous use of multiple Technical Specifications. Specifications. HP nc Processor. Intel Core 2 The HP Compaq nc has the HP typical design HP Compaq nc Mobile Intel GM Express Chipset with MHz front side bus (models with integrated graphics). QuickSpecs. HP Compaq nc Notebook PC. Standard.

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We’ve calculated your overall product rating based on the average of your criteria ratings above. Finalize your product rating and submit your review. In addition to all the laptops and printers HP announced today, it also has a few goodies for the The noise of the fans were rather decent during our reviews. Design and form factor. Also regarding ergonomics HP could still learn from the form of competitor notebooks.

Also the notebook’s keyboard should be optimal for daily use, and convinces by a user-friendly l ayout. Spces the keyboard near the left edge, there are the power switch, and from there to the right a number of additional keys.

I share a large house this summer, and have no problems picking up the signal from our router even in the basement. HP nc view with the closed lid view large image. In any case this notebook is and stays an o ffice notebookwith spcs weaknesses regarding 3D. The HP nc is not the most recent model, but this is only a subordinate aspect of high-quality business notebooks.

Finally, what swayed my decision in favor of nc were the following nd6400 At the right side near the front this notebook also provides you with a Nc6040 slot. This can probably serve as a general warning: Unlike most consumer-oriented laptops these days, HP offers a nice matte screen.


Ciao HP Compaq nc Windows XP Professional processor: Then, I bought a Dell e, only to return it the next day. Special strengths of the nc are the integrated Smartcard reader and the fingerprint reader.

HP Compaq nc6400 Review (pics, specs)

While the Dell heaved as an asthmatic whale, the nc is quiet as a dormouse. Still, there are some additional batteries available, which provide you with an even longer battery runtime. Write a detailed review.

Overheating computer can be a cause of malfunctioning of many components. As a rule, I approach customer support with skepticism. I needed a computer that would perform well in multitasking, have decent storage, possibility of DVD backup.

Its light-weight and features match those of a comparable ThinkPad Z61t. The entire surface of the computer seems framed inside a thin trim that protects the ports, optical drive, and speakers from direct impact, should one accidentally bump nc600 something while moving the laptop around. The HP nc is a great yet simple notebook, offering great performance. Video Output Graphics Processor. You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. The measurement diagram depicts the usual lowered blue color curve and a slightly raised red color curve.

Please, switch off h blockers. After some tedious research, I bought a ThinkPad Z60t, shortly before the Z61t with dual core processor came out.

Memory Max Supported Size. I was happy to observe that I did not have any such problems with the version installed on HP nc On the bright side, I like being able to switch between the touchpad and the pointing stick, depending on where my hands are as I type or browse the net. This should be sufficient for optimal data security.

The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Verticallyyou can observe a heavy darkening and a color change to red, jp looking from bottom up and a color change to turquoise, if looking from top down, outside an acceptable area of operation.


We’ve added this product to our database speecs we haven’t actually tested it yet. HP nc bottom view view large image.

The notebook only has a single speaker next to the front edge at the right. Video Memory Memory Allocation Technology.

Luckily, I learned my lesson on another computer. Having had the occasion to take a look at different laptops currently on the market, I noticed something I did not expect: The vents on the HP nc are on the left-hand side. On the other hand, the Windows key is located conveniently next to the specss ctrl and fn.

HP Compaq nc review – Engadget

The Dell customer service would tell me that this is not a standard feature. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cardsin order to compare this notebook to other configurations.

CNET may get a commission zpecs these offers. All HP business models, on the other hand, come with 3-year international support. HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords after reports of burns. The fn key is full size, although not extra-wide as it is on the Inspiron Please share our article, every link counts!

Among its huge product range Hewlett-Packard also offers 14 inch models of the “Balanced Mobility” market segment. It is even possible to externally recharge the Ultra Capacity battery with a standard power adapter.