HT46R23 datasheet, HT46R23 circuit, HT46R23 data sheet: HOLTEK – A/D Type 8-Bit MCU,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. A/D Type 8-Bit MCU (HT46C23 EOL) The HT46R23/HT46C23 are 8-bit, high performance, RISC architecture microcontroller devices specifically designed for . HT46R23 Datasheet PDF Download – 8-Bit OTP Microcontroller, HT46R23 data sheet.

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HT46R23/HT46C23 – Product Details – Holtek

The latter is possible in the into consideration by the programmer. Moving data into the. T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 T 1 When executing a jump instruction, conditional skip ex- ecution, loading Daatasheet register, subroutine call, initial re- set, internal interrupt, external interrupt or return from subroutine, the PC manipulates the program transfer by loading the address corresponding to each instruction.

The result is stored in the data memory. Enable or disable LVD function. Until setting the TON, the ters, respectively.

The program counter then points to the memory word containing the next instruction code. The contents of the specified data memory are incremented by 1. The contents of the specified data memory are cleared to 0.

If read, the clock will be blocked to avoid errors. The timer mode functions as a normal timer with the clock source coming from the fINT clock. Dataaheet Office 11F, No. The lower byte of the program counter PCL is a read.


Once a wake-up event occurs, it takes tSYS sys- tem clock period to resume normal operation. In daatsheet words, a dummy period will be inserted after wake-up.

HT46R23/HT46C23 – A/D Type 8-Bit MCU

Bit 0 replaces the carry bit; the original carry flag is rotated into the bit 7 position. This also changes the status register. The TBLH is read only and cannot be restored.

The result is stored in the accumulator. The data is stored in the HDR register. Receive acknowledge bit When the receiver wants to continue to receive the next data byte, it generates an acknowledge bit TXAK at Rev.

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When a control transfer takes place, an additional dummy cycle is required. The information appearing in this Data Sheet is believed to be accurate at the time of publication. Program Memory – ROM The program memory is used to store the program in- structions which are to be executed. The data memory is divided into two functional groups: The destination will be within locations. In this situation chronize external logic.


HT4520, HT46R22, HT46R23

If an instruction changes the program counter, two cycles are required to complete the instruction. However, the pipelining scheme causes each instruc- tion to dataaheet execute in a cycle.

The registers states are summarized in the following table. The contents of the specified data memory and the carry flag are together rotated 1 bit right. This option defines the wake-up function activity. The system clock for the microcontroller is derived from.

There are four types of selection: Data of the specified data memory and the carry flag are rotated 1 bit right. When a control transfer datazheet place, an additional. Current program counter bits Rev. The related interrupt request flag the stack. Otherwise proceed with the next instruction 1 cycle. The applications mentioned herein are used solely for the purpose of illustration and Holtek makes no warranty or representation that such applications will be suitable without further modification, nor recommends the use datashete its products for application that may present a risk to human life due to malfunction or otherwise.