public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { tory(). setAttribute(“”. Fields inherited from class ement .. Parameters: file – the file to save to; Throws: IOException – if an IO error occurs. HtmlUnit. Java GUI-Less browser, supporting JavaScript, to run against web pages. Brought to getPage(request); (new File(path));.

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Map ; import java. How is saving the constituent parts different from what you want to achieve?

HtmlUnit – General – Can not get images where save page

Sign up using Email and Password. ChromeDriver ; import org. There are several search criteria represented by the By object e. Let us know if you have specific questions about making these changes. On July 27 you had posted code that saves an HtmlPage object to a file https: Unfortunately, the getByXPath method provides a list of objects. Generally, it supports JavaScript and Cookies, but in some cases it may fail e.


I think you need to tell us what you mean by “download”. Overwritten to support the hidden attribute html5. By ; import org. This blog demonstrates a simple web scraping example using four different tools. The following example uses the search bar on the arc42 wiki website to search for all entries that contain the expression Requirements.

java – Save image from url with HTMLUnit – Stack Overflow

Moreover, casting is needed to convert the provided objects into the appropriate type. Returns the value of the attribute src. This acceptance can be revoked via email to info innoq. Any way to get whole webpage content into a notepad?

Per default, HtmlUnit is verbose, providing a lot of log information regarding CSS and JavaScript issues, which makes it suitable for testing. Executes this element’s onload or onerror handler. IOException ; import java.

Nevertheless, it could be used for web scraping. You should also read the “Terms of use” to make sure what you’re doing is in accordance with those. Here is how I wrote the code like this: If the image has not already been downloaded, this method triggers a download and caches the image.


BrowserEngine ; import com. Returns the value of the attribute alt.

Can not get images where save page

Returns the original element qualified name, this is needed to swve between img and image. The click method returns the next loaded page once the page loading has been finished. OK, so you DO want the images after all.

Page ; import com.

Returns the value of the attribute hspace. The example shows the activation of Cookies, JavaScript, Timeout for loading pages, ignoring SSL problems, and tolerant handling of errors. HtmlForm hmlunit import com. More information how to use Selenium can be found here. Email Required, but never shown.