This is my review of Friedrich Hölderlin’s only novel, Hyperion or The Hermit in Greece. The review first appeared in the Temenos Academy. Hyperion is a novel of stirring lyricism, philosophical sublimity, and enduring influence. It stands among Hölderlin’s most extraordinary achievements. Hyperion is an epistolatory novel of education in which a Greek philosopher of the late 18th century writes letters to a German friend telling his life’s story.

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Looking for More Great Reads? Fichte had proposed to ground philosophy on the pure relation of the I to itself. The emotions in all of this are maintained at a high pitch of intensity, even as they range between near-ecstatic elation and despair.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Like sleeping infants the gods breathe without any plan; the spirit flourishes continually in them, chastely kept, as in a small bud, and their holy eyes look out in still eternal clearness.

Keep Exploring Britannica Charles Dickens. She tends to replace philosophical incisiveness with a blustering, autobiographical style, but what her exposition lacks in rigour it makes up for in enthusiasm.

Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin (1770—1843)

Return to Book Page. And let me say at once That I approached to see the Heavenly, And they cast me down, deep down Below the living, into the dark cast down The false priest that I am, to sing, For those who have ears to hear, the warning song.

Hyperion finds he cannot commit himself to this course either and we become conscious of his tendency to vacillate between again being within holderpin without, between commitment and alienation and aware too of the fact he perceives this as is a problem needing to be resolved. It is perhaps, however, best read in relatively small doses. We become more intimate, and many tell me how they fared in their lives, and my heart often swells with various gyperion.


We part only to be more intimately at one, more divinely at peace with all, with each other. He studied theology and was originally destined for a career in the Lutheran church. Hyperion pursues learning, friendship, love, patriotism and martial valour, and admiration of nature, hyperoin he is compelled by different visions of the Good. We are nothing; what we search for is everything.

Hyperion | novel by Hölderlin |

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Carolyn O’ Connell Poetry. Please try again later. Importantly, though no significant external events intervene, we perceive a difference between the Hyperion of letter one and the man writing the final words of the novel. What remains to us is an unending quest or process not liable to completion or final stasis. As a result of the tension between the freedom of the moral agent and this ideal of harmony, the cogency of the proposed moral value of the beautiful soul becomes questionable.

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He is defeated and wounded, then travels to Sicily, thence to Germany, befriending Bellarmin. But on the other hand, to holderli existence without liberty and self-determination is to be sunk deeply in a form of passivity verging on idiocy.

Hyperion is set in Greece and deals with invisible forces, conflicts, beauty, and hope. All Quotes Add A Quote. For the chained elements, Like hyperiom, are going off to the side, And the old Laws of the earth. Please try again later. And many things Have to stay on the shoulders like a load of failure.


It is their joy, I thought, and they live from it. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. At the end of the novel, however, the beauty of Nature once again fills Hyperion with joy, and this poetic sense of oneness reaches beyond separation and death to Alabanda and Diotima.

This page was last edited on 25 Marchat Let us learn to live swaying As in a rocking boat on the sea. In Being and TimeHeidegger first introduces his key idea of the forgetting of the question of Being. Yet what good is a wall when the soil of our garden is parched? In letters to Hypetion, we discover more details byperion the battles fought by Hyperion and Alabanda.

But Alabanda is too much a hyperipn of action, a fighter, consumed with the wish to exercise freedom to effect social change and as the simile above suggests liable to destructive violence and a moral fanaticism.

Being In and Above: on Friedrich Hölderlin’s ‘Hyperion’

hhyperion His journey brings him under the influence of a respected teacher Adamas, a close friend Alabanda, and a lover Diotima. For Heidegger, poetry cannot name the unnameable, but it can keep open the space for it Heidegger, But, oh my, shame! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: