Written by Marie F. Mongan , narrated by Eliza Foss. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more Free Two-Day Shipping for College Students with Amazon Student. Looking into HypnoBirth i came across this website where you can play I have found the Mongan Method book & CD (cycle day) on ebay.

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I wanted a methd perspective on labor and delivery and I wanted my second child to be born in peace not fear. It was all storytelling and trying to sell a particular philosophy with no actual useful advice given. Most Helpful Most Recent. She introduces multiple relaxation techniques but then says you only need to focus on one, but by that time I wasn’t quite sure which one she meant.

She lost me in her overly simplistic, ill informed anecdotes. I skipped all those parts.

Suzy Ashworth Narrated by: The method mostly involves reciting positive mantras on childbirth, practicing self-hypnosis scripts with a partner intended to replace the traditional “strings of expletives” method of childbirth communication, I thinklearning to make birth plans, practicing positions and massages that ease the process this is what helped me the MOST That seems like complete crap to me since the urge to push during the pushing stage is discussed at length in every other book I’ve read without doubt or discredit save a mention that some women feel more of an urge than others.

There was no pain.

It’s irresponsible and counter-productive because it causes what it seeks to prevent, namely fear of the system. Looks like you can download on kindle. No matter where you stand on the natural-vs-medicated birth divide, there is some great info in tje book.

And why do more than 40 percent of births now end in caesarian section, the highest percentage in history?


HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method, 4th Edition

I didn’t want anyone picking it out of the garbage and accidentally reading this. Mongan’s recommendation that women not be told the problems that can arise during birth also disturbed me.

Almost like I knew there was another way, but didn’t know what it was.

Further, my book came with hypnobiryhing cd which she doesn’t clearly spell-out in the text how to use. Perhaps if I had paid for a special hypno-birthing class, I would have been proficient enough at the technique to avoid my epidural – but if a class is required to learn the technique, then the book shouldn’t really be sold on its own.


I felt Mongan’s argument was convincing, although I went into the book already feeling that way. This book is not enough by itself.

Unfortunately, I ended up losing my concentration due to some interventions from the hospital – I hadn’t fully released my fear of pitocin – and could not reestablish my deep relaxation. Dec 14, Brandy rated it did not like it Shelves: Filled with redundancies and irksome phrases like “Hugs before drugs” Yes; used several times! Now Jamila wants to pay it forward to other new mothers. Sep 25, Nickie rated it it was ok Shelves: It made it sound like if birth did not happen as planned, it would be the mom’s fault for not being relaxed enough.

Then only pushed a little at the last minute. The author talks a lot about overcoming fears, especially the fear of birth. In The Calm Birth Methodhypnobirthing expert Suzy Ashworth helps you to build confidence in your body and its abilities and shares practical techniques to support you so that, no matter what happens, you feel prepared. It continually references you to take the classes, so it is more of an advertisement for them than a teaching tool of its own.

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I turned to Hypnobirthing after a very fast and painful first labor and delivery. Sophie Fletcher Narrated by: But nothing the author writes in monngan book proves to me that it is self-hypnosis that makes fgee so no-one asked those “poor” women, or those “African” women or all the mammals in the world how, or whether, they nypnobirthing it pain-free, after all.


I can only speak for my own experience, but I didn’t fear the pain, I didn’t want the pain, I really thought that the whole thing would hurt a lot less than it did, and yet, giving birth was the most painful experience I’ve ever had. Sep 24, Lauren rated it it was ok. Oct 18, Nafee rated it really liked it.

Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan on Apple Books

May 16, Lauren rated it liked it. Why do they blindly accept the “one-size-fits-all” approach? Then the directions on how to properly breathe to achieve that meditative state only cause me more stress because I can’t do them properly hey, while your diaphragm is being pushed 2″ higher due to that baby right under it, take the deepest, slowest breath you’ve ever taken and expand the diaphragm all the way down into your pelvis! This entire review probably falls under the category of “too much information.

Why are couples in a low- or no-risk category being prepared for circumstances that only rarely occur? Opening the iTunes Store.

I was mostly quiet while giving birth, but I was quiet because it was hurting so much, and I felt like I was going to lose it if I let myself talk or scream or interact, in any way, with the outside world. The actual “how-to” sections of the book felt muddy to me. An Introductory Guide Ashley Scott. Here’s the problem, Mongan makes some generalized statements about “simple” women and “African” women that really put me off. The answer is simple: