I PUKITANI, A GRAND OPERA, WITH AN ENGLISH VERSION, THB MUSIC BY BELLINI. [OOPYRIG-HT.] . Coro di Puritani dentro la Fortezza. La campana. I puritani (The Puritans) is an opera in three acts by Vincenzo Bellini. It was his last opera. Its libretto is by Count Carlo Pepoli, based on Têtes rondes et. from Act I, Scene 3 of the Italian opera I Puritani by Vincenzo Bellini. Libretto: Count Carlo Pepoli Son vergin vezzosa, Elvira’s aria from I Puritani Ah sì. Oh, yes.

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Arturo and his squires come into the hall and are joined by Elvira, Valton, Giorgio and the ladies and gentlemen of the castle. Spazioso terrapieno della Fortezza. For their homeland they will take up arms and gladly face death: Send to a friend Send a link to this article to a friend with an optional message.

I puritani (Bellini, Vincenzo)

Pugitani Farina; Enrichetta di Francia: Ah V arrestate, per me sangue non versate! Enter Chorus of Retainers bringing smcui oi’;? Non mi sarai rapita, Or che ti stringo al cor! A tutti ride il cor, Se a nozze invita amor! Son vergin vezzosa In vesta di sposa; Son bianca ed umile Qual giglio d’april; Ho chiome odorose Cui cinser tue rose; Ho il seno gentile Del tuo monil.


A joyful day is near! Bello e affrontar la morte, Gridando liberta! Oh, parole d’ amor! Or si ripigli il canto.

Di gloria il sentiere m’ e chiuso al pcnsier. Zaira Zaira, Tragedia lirica in two acts.

Holy be the flame you feel! Un divin raggio Esploriam! Rich If from exile He come in hostile arms Against his country’s freedom? AIL We’ll arm us here! Terror shakes bellinj, life forsakes her! A Cromvello eterna gloria!

An Armoury with immense galleries, the interior displaying tlie superb Gothic architec- ture. Opera by Vincenzo Bellini.

Dopo un poco Elvira sorride, e atteggia U volto allegramente alia maniera dei pazzi. Oh God, what says she P Elv. I puritani The Puritans is an opera by Vincenzo Bellini. Pensa al tuo mortal periglio: Tu quell’ ora ben rimembri Che f uggi la prigioniera P Ric.

Is Elvira this lady?

I puritani – Wikipedia

Star teco ognor Tra gli amplessi dell’ amor. But thou Know’st that I no longer dread it. And I have caused all thy misfortunes. La vidi errante tra f olte piante. Giorgio ed Elvira partono colle Damigelle. Little now remains to be, told. For so the Parliament of England decrees! Pufitani day is declining. All look out from the terrace. Gli par verno primavera, Ogni gioia gli par duol!

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Scaccia onnai pensier si nero! Entering, she confronts her uncle and Riccardo, whom she fails to recognise, even in her moments of lucidity.

My enemies are near. However, he states that if in the following day’s battle, Arturo appears, he will perish at his hand. Gb’ occhi affisa in sul mio volto, Ben mi guarda e lo vedrai. If he’s doom’d, and that by thee, Then he will not fall alone. A name ’tis That bringeth consolation to my old age. Is she bel,ini doom’d? From its light stalk full bendin?