Download Citation on ResearchGate | DIALEKTIKA PENDIDIKAN ETIKA DALAM ISLAM (Analisis Pemikiran Ibnu Maskawaih) | p> Bahasa. View the profiles of people named Ibnu Maskawaih. Join Facebook to connect with Ibnu Maskawaih and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ya`qub, surnamed Miskawaih, is also called Abu ‘Ali al-Khazin. It is yet undecided whether he was himself Miskawaih or the son of.

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Though Miskawayh was born to Muslim parents in Rayy, in the land of Persia, he travelled to Baghdad, where he studied and worked, and was well known there for maskawaiu time. Miskawayh is concerned with talking about the fear of death, also grief. These pleasures are numerous [44].

The Ethical Theory of Education of Ahmad Miskawayh | Muslim Heritage

Firstly, moral degradation was changed through the education. History of Philosophy in Islamby T. Through the sphere and its parts our bodies come into being. He states the opinion of the early Greeks who say that nature can never be changed, but rejects it.

The Ethical Theory of Education of Ahmad Miskawayh

The point of transition from psychology to ethics is given on pages 18 to 21 where, following Plato, be draws a parallel between the faculties of the soul and the corresponding virtues. The miniature shows the author, probably the court chronicler Talikizade, caligraphist and miniature painter, working on the Shahname for Mehmet III ruled Miskawaih engaged himself too much maskawah the study of alchemy, together with Abu al-Tayyib al-Razi, the alchemist.

It is only a kind of good and has no distinctive and autonomous essence. The reason behind his emphasis on the possibility of refining character and purifying souls, and freeing the self from evil habits and the like, stems from his masjawaih about people, which is that they are either good by nature or good by reason of the law and learning [29].


It is established now that his name is actually Miskawayh, yet we find a number of his works, especially those not edited, but in fact attributed to him, where the name on the cover is Ibn Miskawayh.

The first part deals with the proofs of the existence of God, the second with soul and its modes, and the third with prophethood. The date of his birth is uncertain. Their highest form being mirjan coral.

Chapter Miskawaih | A History of Muslim Philosophy Volume 1, Book 3 |

Justice, he concludes, is brought about through fear and force, but affection is a natural source of unity, so that justice is not required where affection reigns supreme. As in al-Fauz al-Asgharso maskawalh Tahdhib al-Akhlaq pp. To realize this, he cites a number of conditions, some internal and some maskawih. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See also, ‘Izzat, Ya’qub Miskawayh is a brilliant intellectual and philosopher of 10th-century Buwayhid Baghdad. Click here for the original version in PDF format.

Ina group of ghazi marched towards the Library of Rey but Miskawayh managed to save it. This all amounts to a general introduction, which needed to be presented because of the prevailing opinion in Miskawayh’s day, where psychological studies took precedence over any other philosophical subject.

Therefore, all things generated are generated from nothing. The fourth chapter deals mainly with justice and explains in detail what is meant by it. This being so, education indicates a task, of an obligatory nature, which is undertaken by adults, particularly parents, for the young [21].

Miskawaih, like Aristotle, 25 gives a classification of happiness but adds more details, perhaps taken from Porphyry’s commentary. Then is born the lowest of animals. The human being can only fulfil his perfection if it is affirmed that he is a social being, as well as being rational. But Miskawaih at once corrects himself by saying that this voluntary death does not mean renunciation of the world; that would be the attitude of those who know nothing about the objects of this world and ignore that man is civil by nature and cannot live without the help and service of others.


As a result of human beings living together with others, and being in contact with them, their experience is enriched and virtues are rooted in their soul by way of putting these virtues into practice.

Here however maskawaib have to make mention of a man, more allied, it is true, to Kindi than to Farabi, but who yet agrees with the latter in essential points, by reason of employing the same sources with him. Kitab al-Kimya Kitab al-Sab’een Picatrix. This trust is emphasized by the fact that in many places in his book he maskawaig that his remarks about young boys are equally suitable for adults [27].

This is what has been said by some, to explain Ibn Sina’s ,askawaih from Bryson. For him the psychological aspect is the most important, so he began with mentioning a number of abstract methods; to start with, Miskawayh gives a number of positive aspects, i. In that he is thoroughly Aristotelian. In the study of communication science, these two things are interrelated.

Chapter 24: Miskawaih

For what is particularly noticeable in everything Miskawayh said previously is that he spoke only about training young boys, to the exclusion of girls, and he did not direct any obvious care towards them nor to women in general. Following Aristotle, Miskawaih says p. He indulged in alchemy not for the sake of science, but in search of gold and wealth, and was most servile to his masters.