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I’m sort of on the fence between the IFO Mk3 and the Mini IFO. I like that the Mk3 would handle outdoor a bit better than the Mini because it’s. The IFO Mk3 is a great all around airplane. Made of carbon rods, ripstop nylon, and kevlar thread, it’s easy to build, very durable, and repairable. The IFO can be . IFO is defined as Indoor Flying Object somewhat frequently. IFO Mk3 Indoor Flying Object; Conflat A Wagon Bachmann Bachmann Conflat A.

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I discovered that midway thru the building process. I’m a little concerned that it will be a bitter harder to fly indoors since it’s bigger 33″ span vs.

Clearly the 8th cell contained not only desirable extra power but an extremely effective pond repellant. Now for some of flight pictures taken by my trusty photographer my wife. Return to Scratchbuilt Indoor and Micro Models.

Here is the completed Airframe ready to cover!

To prise the Mini IFO from me would require surgery. Taking off or hovering? That’s what I’m looking for, the tail section of the MK3 plan. It is just 2 mk pieces of basswood glued to the carbon fuselage. I even bounced it once off the church roof with no ill effect when a downdraft caught it. Microsoft Flight Simulator Century of Flight. So with the mini, high AOA of the airplane was possible because of a lower effective AOA over the wing, just because so much of its ifp was coming from the prop wash vs the relative wind.

It took about 8 hours of work to go from “in the box” to flying nice. The plain has been FCF’d and it flies great in calm to very very light wind. It is a rare fio for me to get to shake the hand of the guy who designed one of my favorite airplanes, and express my thanks for what he brought to the hobby. Article By Joe Howard Mar 18, Dan’s testing indicates it is a better flyer than the original, which proved to be the ifi when I flew the new design!

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IFO MK3 ARF(no TX or RX) – RC Groups

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. A model that with practice will loop, roll, hover and prop hang yet also burn up the sky like a ito racer, all mj3 your back garden, try the Mini IFO.

Gear location Elevator detail. The first indoor flying object with peristaltic propulsion. Eight tentacles powered by an electric drive let the jellyfish float through the air. The structure of each tentacle uses the Fin Ray; The AirJelly is the first indoor flying object to use such a peristaltic propulsion Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Line the trailing edge hinge line up with the weave in the ripstop. Return to Electric Plane Talk.

Jellybot; The AirJelly is the first indoor flying object to use such a peristaltic propulsion system. Anyone could build this kit! On the mk3, the prop diameter is less than a third of the wing span. That is hard to find these days, but it seems that there are alot more quality companies in the RC market rising to the top and becoming the ones to set the standard. I guess the Ideal space for the indoor flight of this is a school gym.

I thought it was me, I am gonna pull out the mk33 and scope them out and see if it was builder error, which I am not at all afraid to admit. I have a low AR model called I. Extremely high stress areas such as the landing gear legs, still use the thread wrap connections, as does the fuselage connection to the leading edge of the wing.


HobbyKing “Blue Wonder” alternative

A ladder can be handy for retrieval from taller trees. The Mini IFO doesn’t float. Originally Posted by jjw. The makers proclaim it will fly in your local gymnasium, sports hall, playing field, park, front or back yard. IFO stands for Indoor Flying Objectbut you can’t take the word “indoor” too seriously in this hobby; lots of things say “indoor” and what they really mean is I just read your post, I just finished my MK3 and was confused about the plans vs. Press down on the frame for several minutes while it dries.

Cover the rudder in the same way. I seem to remember the blur as it left my hand. Once it arrives in water it sinks fast like a stricken submarine diving for safety.

This thread is privately moderated by chilipancakeswho may elect to delete unwanted replies. Does anyone know of a good HobbyKing alternative?

The motor is just slipped on and held in place by a rubber band that allows the motor to slide ahead in a crash without shattering the motor casing! IFO indoor flying object It’s a radio-controlled airplane that flies so slowly that you can fly it indoors.