STATUTES OF THE EUROPEAN HANDBALL FEDERATION (EHF) EHF Beach Handball YAC EURO Regulations IHF Beach Handball Rules of the Game. Die Philosophie des Beach Handball basiert auf den Prinzipien des Fairplay Bei Regelwidrigkeiten und Unsportlichkeiten, die gemäß den IHF-Regeln (vgl. Kinderhilfsorganisation Plan International ist offizieller nationaler Charity-Partner der IHF Handball-Weltmeisterschaft – WM

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Usually, they are described as n: The rules are laid out in the IHF’s set of rules. During half-time, substitution areas are swapped.

They physically exchange their positions approximately every 10 minutes long exchangeand change sides every five minutes short exchange. Each team consists of seven players on court and seven substitute players on the bench.

Any player entering or leaving the play must cross the substitution line which is part of the side line and extends 4. If necessary, a second net may be clasped to the back of the net on the inside. South Korea and Brazil. Depending on the speed of the attack, one distinguishes between three attack waves with a decreasing chance of success:. Some teams then substitute specialised offence players.

At half-time, teams switch sides of the court as well as benches. Carrying the ball into the six-meter handbqllregeln results either in ball possession by the goalkeeper by attacker or turnover by defender. Invented by Nicolaj Ernst in in Nyborg. One player on the court must be the designated goalkeeper, differing in his clothing from the rest of the field players. The colors on both goals must be the same. A coach or official can also be penalized progressively. However, hif implies that these players must play in the defence should the opposing team be able to switch quickly to offence.


A handball match is adjudicated by two equal referees.

Field players are allowed to touch the ball with any part of their bodies above and including the knee. Handbal,regeln, carrying is completely prohibited, and results in a turnover. The signal for warning or disqualification is accompanied by a yellow or red card, [10] respectively.

If a decision must be reached in a particular match e. Similarly, violation of the zone by a defending player is penalized only if they do so in order to gain an advantage in defending.

They must be securely bolted either to the floor or the wall behind. A player who is in possession of the ball may stand stationary for only three seconds, and may take only three steps.

Rules of the Game

The sport is usually played indoors, but outdoor variants exist in the forms of field handball and Czech handball which were more common in the past and beach handball.


Each goal must feature a net. Typically the referee will give a warning yellow card for an illegal action; but, if the contact was particularly dangerous, like striking the opponent in the head, neck or throat, the referee can forego the warning for an immediate two-minute suspension. Handball events have been selected as a main motif in numerous collectors’ coins. For youths the length of the halves is reduced—25 minutes at ages 12 to 15, and 20 minutes at ages 8 to 11; hndballregeln national federations of some countries may differ in their implementation from the official guidelines.

Doubling occurs when a diving attacking player passes to another diving teammate. However, the court players may catch and touch the ball in the air within it as long as the player starts his jump outside the handballtegeln and releases the ball before he lands landing inside the perimeter is allowed in this case as long as the ball has been released. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Demonstrated at the Summer Olympics.

What is Handball and Histroy about Handball”.