Read an excerpt from Father Richard Rohr’s ‘Immortal Diamond.’ In this section, he engages the age-old question, ‘Who am I?’. Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation. He is well-known for his many books and recorded teachings. Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self. Richard Rohr. Jossey-Bass, $ (p) ISBN

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The Trinity and Your Transformation. This book will set you on that path. Vincent goes so far as to argue for the abandonment of the entire extant Catholic Church if she becomes corrupt, preferring to cling to the ancient teachings of the Catholic church–which apparently must be correct.

I did not know this when I originally got t For most people, the book is going to fall on one of two ends of the spectrum for people A refreshing look at Christianity I enjoyed Fr.

Do I roohr with everything he says? The Search for Our True Self.

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I took a lot of quotes down. Dismond book found its way to me at a very apt time – if I had read it more than a year ago, I doubt I would have appreciated imkortal even half as much as I do now. I have known of this book for more than 5 years now and have heard glowing reviews from friends who have read it. Please try again later. Feb 06, Immortap D. I’m quite surprised that his quasi-universalism hasn’t got him excommunicated from the Catholic Church yet, but I suppose as a Franciscan monk rather than an ‘official’ theologian he has more latitude – and especially under the current Pope.

This book particularly resonated with me because it deals with the search for the True Self, which is a task of the second half of life, where I definitely am at present.

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And maybe for some it could be both. But I did get weary of Rohr’s anti-establishment rhetoric ummortal his preachy tone with regards to traditional Catholicism. It was a great reminder of the lessons I learned about my own journey while on that Pilgrimage in and certainly is a good book for preparation for my journey this year.

Immortal Diamond didn’t grab me as firmly as did Falling Upward but that may be because some of the content was material I’d read in Rohr’s daily devotions. The Search for Our True Self. So many roles and identitiesshape individual lives that it’s easy to be confused about what isauthentically “us.

The ego has found its cover, so be quite careful about being religious.

Immortal Diamond: A Study in Search of the True Self – Center for Action and Contemplation

Course content will no longer be available once diakond course ends at What Rohr did for me was frame this path figuratively, as a spiritual journey bringing us ever nearer to our best and truest selves—if we participate with intention. How wonderful to run into that.

How well do we know ourselves? In the words of Gerard Manley Hopkins:. Robr Diamond, he has largely managed to avoid those distractions, and the reading is more fluid for it.

I will be buying this book simply because I’ll need it to gently remind me of the truth of finding my “True Self”. Your False Self just entertains itself.

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What do you mean by False Self and True Self? I loved the message and many of the examples. Description In Falling Upward and in many of his other teachingsRichard Rohr talks at length about ego or the False Self and how it gets in the way of spiritual maturity, especially if its preoccupations continue into the second half of life. The Soul of Creation. Sep 15, Elizabeth Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: I confess to being a Richard Rohr fan.

Many masochis I have known of this book for more than 5 years now and have heard glowing reviews from friends who have read it. In the paradoxical way of our world works, this union is what we long for and it already exists.

Feb 13, Robin Carlo rated it liked it. Now Playing Immortal Diamond. Refresh and try again. In a sense True Self must, like Jesus, be resurrected, and thatprocess is not resuscitation but transformation.

The hard part is how to apply it. My mind races, well more like jogs, and it is hard to make it take a seat. In the previous book, it was highly doubtful that anyone in the first half of life could appreciate the second half. In my book Falling UpwardI try to talk about the journey, the transitioning from the first half of life, the necessary suffering in the middle of life, and the liberation of the second half of life.

But my spirit feels uplifted nonetheless.