Service Intangibility means that services cannot be seen SERVICES Intangibility Inseparability Variability Perishability Services cannot be. Four Major characteristics of services:1) Intangibility 2) Inseparability 3) Variability 4) Perishability Intangibility *Lack of tangible assets which. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Service Characteristics Intangibility Inseparability Variability Perishability Can’t be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before.

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For unsuccessful delivery of the service, the gaps are the difference between customer expectation and management perception of customer expectation, difference between management perceptions of customer expectation and service quality specifications, difference between service quality specification and the service actually delivered and the difference between service delivery and what is communicated about service to customers Langford, ; Auty and Long, For the services marketing professional, perishability affects pricing and distribution most distinctly.

When a client misses an appointment with his attorney, ad time can never be recaptured.

Services Marketing: Focus on Service Characteristics to Create Competitive Advantage

Perishwbility pricing often suggests higher quality, while prices that are too low may hint at the inexperience, limited depth, or vague processes of the services producer. Variability Sometimes called “heterogeneity,” services quality and consistency are subject to great variability because they are delivered by people, and human behavior is difficult to control.

As you explore the unique characteristics of your service business, do not become overwhelmed by the challenges they present. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. But tangibility must extend beyond promotions and price.


Lovelock and Gummesson, If a car does not sell today, it can be stored and sold the following day perishabiilty at some other time in the future. Moreover, adopting uniform production procedures and developing internal marketing to promote service quality could lead to greater consistency Edgett and Parkinson, Sometimes demand exceeds maximum available supply or demand exceeds optimum supply level.

Because things can and do go wrong, the services producer intangiblity know how to deliver a professional client response. How quickly the response is delivered is critical.

When demand is steady, the perishability of services is not a inseparabiloty. Examples include repair and maintenance services, cleaning and laundry services, etc. When hotel rooms are empty and theater tickets go unsold, the inherent value vanishes.

Characteristics of Services: What makes a Service so special?

The service employee is a part of the service and so is the customer and they both influence the service that is being offered. That is customer also becomes partly responsible for the service that they receive Davies, Service businesses have unique characteristics that should be explored and understood when developing a marketing plan and competitive strategy.

Also, establishing employee feedback mechanisms so that management can hear and take action on issues of concern will strengthen employee perceptions of the company, increase satisfaction, and result in better client interactions.

A restaurant might operate with fewer staff during the week and hire additional staff to cover weekends when demand is higher. For example the students present in the class may also be responsible for the efficiency of the lecture given.


Characteristics of Services: What is a Service – And what makes it so special?

You cannot try them out. For example, services cannot be patented and thus create problems for new product development Zeithaml et al. Process also becomes very important while delivering the service.

Anonymous May 9, at Personal inseparabipity and quality can vary by time of day people get tiredtime of month or year during tax time for CPAsworkload, experience, attitude, knowledge, and other factors. What is a Service — And what makes it so special? It is very important for a service provider or consultant to carefully manage the “production process” as the client is perishaability to observe it in action and make judgments about quality and value.

If a flight takes off then the airline cannot sell the tickets for that flight. insepraability

The same is true for Mt. But standardizing may create a mentality for the staff to variaiblity deliver the full potential. Anonymous June 16, at 3: Services are considered heterogeneous mainly because it is difficult to achieve uniform output, especially in labor-intensive services. These are educational, entertainment, information, and religious services Lovelock and Gummesson, You may also like: