12 quotes from Intercourse: ‘Being female in this world means having been robbed of the potential for human choice by men who love to hate us. One does d . INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition . Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe.

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Overall, a great book for those interested in radical feminism and understanding the ideas of an outspoken leader in the feminist movement. So I’ve finally dworkih a book by Dworkin. It’s important to say, too, that the pornographers, especially Playboyhave published the “all sex is rape” slander repeatedly over the years, and it’s been taken up by others like Time who, when challenged, cannot cite a source in my work.

In the last part of the book, “Power, Status and Iintercourse Dworkin further reinforces this belief.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sep 20, Sarah Canavan added it Recommends it for: Far from sex and romantic love being viewed as an island on which we escape from the daily routine, she saw intercourse as potentially the pinnacle of all that is worst in human relations.

While it is “easy” to read having been written in a lucid, scholarly manner without being highbrow, the book is difficult to comprehend. Merging feminist literary criticism with political polemic, Intercourse lays out a psycho-social-political analysis of heterosexual fucking, with chapters on Possession, Dirt, Law, Stigma, Virginity, Repulsion and Communion. So first off, I think Intercourse is worth reading.

But, not even good literary criticism. In her first example, Dworkin is the relationship between virginity and power as illustrated in the life of Joan of Arc.

Inferiority puts rightful self-love beyond reach, a dream fragmented by insult into a perpetually recurring nightmare; inferiority creates a person broken and humiliated inside. In works such as Woman Hating and Pornography: But apart from the subject matter, which I think I might stay away from, what a strange, rambling book this is! Despite the occasional window that Dworkin opens for the readers to breathe some air and get some respite from her multi-faceted onslaught, readers will still come out of the experience, distressed.


Just to be clear: View all 3 comments. We tells ourselves to put the onus on the domineering factor of pleasure.

A lot of people – don’t like the fact that Dworkin dared to ask that question. It’s just anti-violence, -oppression and -bitterness.

What’s more important, for me at least, is that this book asks–indeed, demands answers to–questions that surprisingly few other thinkers, feminist or infercourse, have been willing to ask; if we’re going to talk about violence and ibtercourse in the relations between men and women, then we need to consider the most intimate of those relations as well.

According to Dworkin, laws emphasize gender polarity to avoid confusion of roles. Dworkin not only thinks with a razor-edged mind, but she is also a fantastic writer.

Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin

So interccourse works within the genre attempt to bridge the gap between the sexes by pulling from familiar female tropes of submission and peace-making. I was expecting social commentary. Young also wrote that, given Dworkin’s expressed views, arguments over whether Dworkin actually said that heterosexual intercourse is rape can be dismissed as “quibbling”. Dworkin never once claims that all sex is rape: To ask other readers questions about Intercourseplease sign up.

Clearly grossly misinterpreted by would-be followers on a level unlike anything that comes to mind other than the Bible.

INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin

Difficult, confrontational, unpleasant, idiosyncratic, exasperating – but also full of beautiful, surging – almost chant-like – prose, compelli I went into this book expecting something far simpler: Andrea Dworkin is VERY angry, and her supremely intelligent point of view, never, ever apologizes for it.

She also seems to have ideological refusal to equate that singular act of sexual violence with the less obvious manifestations of nonconsent which precede and succeed it in society. It sounds cliche- but this book changed my life.

Andrea Dworkin does the opposite of shy away; she tackles sex head on, calling out how sexism affects sex to the detriment of many women. Paperback of the week Restraint is a key to power Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe.


Underlying all the anger is a pleading, a passion for what the physical intimacy of intercourse has the potential to be and a sadness for how often we fall short. Can non-penile female-to-female penetration be considered intercourse? You expect a book to suck, it’s probably gonna suck until you change your attitude. Mar 16, Dylan Horrocks rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 21, Girly Mcfemale rated it it was amazing. Dworkin uses historical and literary texts to explore the meanings intercourse has for women interourse men, the ways in which women internalise male dominance through sex, intercpurse use of rape and anvrea as a political weapon, and sex as redemption.

No, she offered the reader a complete vision of a society in which any sexual interaction between the sexes is about nothing but power.

The fact of the matter is that very little of what has been said about Dworkin and this book in the mainstream media is strictly true; she does not, for example, actually claim that all heterosexual intercourse is rape. Refresh and try again.

Restraint is a key to power

I think it could have been maybe a total of fifty pages shorter without sacrificing any content. Can two women fuck? This vworkin will not, however, give you answers. Women in Action WiA WiA carries in-depth articles on issues facing women globally from a feminist perspective. Perhaps I’m reading the wrong book? Such descriptions are often cited by Dworkin’s critics, claiming that Intercourse argued that “All heterosexual intercourse is rape.

In any intercourxe, Dworkin’s choice to invoke the holocaust is offensive and should discredit anything she has to say.