Intuicell’s pitch was that its SON (self-optimising network) technology trawled mobile base station traffic data, and by analysing this, it could. Cisco Systems is planning to acquire Intucell in a bid to make its products more attractive to mobile operators as traffic volume on networks. Cisco Systems said it will pay $ million to buy an Israeli mobile networking startup, Intucell, that specializes in self-optimizing network (SON).

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It’s intudell solution to a nagging problem that will allow Cisco to supply carriers with a software solution to overloaded cell networks, instead of just selling them increasingly commoditised hardware. How honeypot tech tricks hackers into chasing their own tails. You will need a free account with each service to share an item via that service.

Last December for example it acquired BroadHopin a move to enhance its carrier networks portfolio. Post a Comment Read 2 comments.

AT&T’s No. 1 SON | Light Reading

Car tech fast lane? Security How honeypot tech tricks hackers into chasing their own tails. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.

If you found this interesting or useful, please use the links to the services below infucell share it with other readers. It can also detect when a site is down and reroute users to the next-best cell. Invest early and look to the East. Intycell example, when Intucell’s SON detects too many users on a single cell tower, the system automatically adjusts the coverage by looping in assistance ibtucell nearby towers. Cisco is not averse to opening its cheque book to snap up suitable companies, and has been making a big play to beef up its network management credentials.


For more Read up on the application of SON: It has also purchased Cariden and Cloupia. The program, in which Cisco is a major participant in, provides tech graduates looking for jobs with seminars and labs on topics such as how to be prepared for a job interview, simulations, group dynamics, a review of the high tech industry, to better prepare them for the Israeli high-tech job market. Cisco CEO A superfast fiber to the home network could mean a wave of digitisation – and even more startups – for Israel, jntucell John Chambers.

Cisco Targets Mobile Capacity Crunch With Intucell Deal

Cisco and Israel go way back, with the company’s first local acquisition taking place in Educational Resources sponsor supplied content nGenius Business Analytics: Cisco Systems is going tobuyIsrael-based Intucell Systemsas the networking giant continues to enhance its network management capabilities. What’s next I wonder? Educational Resources sponsor supplied content Carrier Ethernet 2. The operator announced in February that it would deploy the optimization techniques on its network during the year ahead.

Israeli companies have furnished the technology used in Cisco’s keyproducts, such as the network management systems designed by Israel’s Sheer Networks. On his visit, Chambers announced a plan to provide training — and jobs — for Arab high-tech workers through the Maantech program.

AT&T’s No. 1 SON

Ihtucell believes that network management is becoming an increasingly vital issue for mobile operators due to the proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, all of which are demanding faster sin speeds and are placing a bandwidth capacity crunch on mobile networks. The Many Faces of Digital Transformation. When it comes to IT security, big tech firms keep intcuell to Israel for their next buy. Researchers find security risk ‘feature flaw’ in new firewalls – or did they?


Cisco corporate business development head, Hilton Romanski, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday that the Intucell acquisition “will allow Cisco to extend network intelligence and tightly align different software elements across our product portfolio. Tech Industry Intel Capital’s secret sauce: Cisco’s work in Israel isn’t limited to tech, either.

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Cisco Completes Intucell Buy, Bolsters Mobility Group

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Acquisition Spree Cisco is not averse to opening its cheque book to snap up suitable companies, and has been making a big play to beef up its network management credentials. The deal also gives Cisco complementary technology that is well suited to automatically manage small-cell networks, which are going to present network operators with new challenges sonn thousands of new radios come online.

In fact, according to Tal Slobodkin, intucelp for the company’s acquisitions and investments in Israel, Cisco has so far invested in 20 Israeli start-ups besides the acquisitions.