Israr-e-Haqiqi اسرار حقیقی – A book by Sultan ul Hind Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri R.A. – Muhammad Ali – Google+. This book, in fact, consists of words written to Khalifa e Khaas of Hazrat Moinuddin, Hazrat Bakhtyar Kaaki Rahmatullah Alaeh, as well a renowned Sufi. Download ISRAR E HAQIQI apk for Android. ISRAR E HAQIQIVERY INFORMATIVE BOOK IN URDU.

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So it should be clear to know that hqqiqi beginning of the fasting is that the man should able to get the knowledge of Allah gradually. So for this reason these people are real performer of the prayer.

And at that time, their prayer will be right and reality in this direction and 20 this prayer will become eligible in the court of Allah. Then I have thought over on the following verse of the Quran in which it is mentioned: The hqqiqi who will reach the destination of the knowledge of Allah at that time when he will destroy his personality and ego entirely and then in his every breath he should only demand the personality of Allah.

Muhammad Faizan marked it hqiqi to-read Dec 25, And the poor persons can able to arrange for food and drink for them with easiness.


Refresh and try again. Saira marked it as to-read May 09, And if from boundary walls if the veil of doubt and disbelief of unrelated will be taken out then in the court yard of the heart there will be an available manifestation of the personality of Allah.

And to guide to the persons who have been lost in the desert of the disgrace and as to paying off the right to deserve persons is exactly Zakat. One who will enter isgar the category of the confirmed Salik mystic persons then he will reach the position of the completion of the knowledge of Allah.

Israr e Haqiqi by Muin ud Din Chishti Ajmeri

So that they should get the right person in the right meaning and leave the path of misleading and come on the path of the right way. And if you will do this work then it is enough and you will become a learned person of Sufism. When any person after knowing of this then he will do the work with the truth then he feels such thirstiness in this matter like that he would have drunken many cups of fire.


It is the reality that by leaving these facts to be content on the shapes of the manifest is useless.

And no other person could not able to know it. Umar the real prayer is this and which is called prayer of divine. I have surrendered myself to Allah. As all the existing things are mirror and 58 revealing of the existing the face of the friend. The brief biography details of Hadrat Bakhtiar Kaki His name is Bakhtiar ben Ahmed ben Syed Musa and there is one country in between Samarqand and Inderjan and which is well known as the state of Furgana and in this region, there is one inhabitation known as Oushi and to this place he belongs.


The fear of the day of the judgment. So on those where there will be control and effect of dev of carelessness and sensuality and then that person is entire will be under the claw of Satan and the soul.

But here from the pain of Majazi worldly there are instructions of the beginning of the Islamic law Shariah are available. And the doctor who will prescribe medicine as per the condition and illness of the patient.

Umar all people used to keep fasting in which they used to keep aloof of the eating and drinking as well doing intercourse with their spouses and this is not called real fasting but is it is called the worldly fasting.

In the same way, the prophets who will prescribe agreeable medicine of knowledge of Allah to the spiritual faithful persons as per their ability of innermost and spiritual illness.

The real treasure is actually is the secret of providence and the hearts of Arif persons hqaiqi a repository of the secret of real treasure. And which is a right and proper thing.

Muhammad Yaseen rated it really liked it Jan 22, The prayer of the prophets, holy people and caliphs and which is performed by the presence of heart and its reward is that they 19 ierar see and meet the friend and its approach and limit will be there up to the divine heaven.

Following this, the true Muslim must accept five main articles of Iman faith: To write about this great author is not only difficult, but a very hard task as he was not only a great and pious personality of his 6 time in India but was also a great author of many books.


If they will live on this step and they did not do endeavours and try to go forward for the other steps and if during this period hqqiqi their age will be finished then they will not get anything form the world and hereafter and they will die as become as looking as superficial things.

But in reality their internal condition will be involved greed of the world and in sensual desires and wishes and their purpose and aim in this dress of Fakirs is not for the sake of worship of God.

As there is saying of Allah is as follows.

So for this reason he will be involved in illegal and doubts and so he will face disgrace in this matter. The Zakat of the manifest is payable haqlqi per Islamic Shariah Law on the wealth of the world. Tazkirat al-Awliya Read more. Masudur marked it as to-read Oct isrxr, Because everything is in the custody of Allah.

Umar one who get the knowledge of Allah and for him there is no need to say, Allah, Allah by his tongue.

Unless there the will be no exalted of meeting of Allah. The perfect persons and especially for a Taleb student and it refers to a person who is committed to a murshid spiritual master in a Tariqa spiritual path of Sufism and osrar also known as a salik Arabic: We hope that you will have confidence and accept these points.

So believe it well in this matter. And they are involved in the adornment of the manifest and they do not know about the reality in this matter. Aaina e Tarbiyat Read more.

So one who not say Islamic creed then he will not able to get identification of Allah. Belief in Allah as the one true God. Umar keep well remembered in your mind that the start and end of about real fasting. In the both worlds where ever he will see idrar he will find only His reality there. Guftagu 20 Read more.